Moroccan FM Saudi Security Is an Integral Part of Moroccan Stability

Rabat – Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita has reiterated Morocco’s solidarity with Saudi Arabia after Yemeni Houthis attacked two Saudi oil facilities on September 14.In an interview published on September 26 in Sky News Arabia, Bourita said that the security and stability of Saudi Arabia is an integral part of Morocco’s own security and stability.The minister blamed Iran for the attack, emphasizing that Tehran “unfortunately has not ceased hostilities in the region.” He said that the international community’s past strategy for dealing with Iran made it feel that “it can continue such acts and that regional leadership means attacks and hostilities against the countries of the region.”Subsequently, the foreign minister called for the world to adopt a more effective approach to handle Iranian threats in the region.“The international community must be more effective because it is not an issue between Saudi Arabia and Iran but a threat to regional security that undermines international stability,” he said.Bourita also spoke about Iranian interference in the domestic affairs of several Arab and African countries. Morocco severed diplomatic ties with Iran in May 2018 over allegations of such interference.On May 1 last year, Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced it would cut all diplomatic ties with Iran, saying Tehran supported the Polisario Front.The ministry accused Iran of training and arming the Polisario Front through its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah. Bourita has said in several interviews that Morocco has evidence proving Polisario-Hezbollah collusion.In his interview with Sky News Arabia, Bourita called on the international community to standardize its actions and discourse on hostile moves from Tehran.He also emphasized the need for “collective” action to resolve the crisis, including the issue of the nuclear agreement.Bourita’s statement on the attacks echoed a message from King Mohammed VI’s latest message to Saudi Arabia.Earlier this month, the King condemned the Houthi drone attacks ina letter to King Salman of Saudi Arabia.In his letter, the monarch said that the attacks undermine the security and stability of the world.“I assure you of the absolute solidarity of the kingdom of Morocco with Saudi Arabia and its unwavering support against any threat that undermines the country’s security and territorial integrity,” the King said.

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