US In Danger Of Losing 2026 World Cup Bid To Morocco

Rabat – On June 13, one day before the official opening of the 2018 World Cup, the FIFA community will gather in Moscow to designate the host of the 2026 edition of football’s ultimate event, this time in a vote casting the voices of all national federations.Just a few months before this much-awaited vote, some American outlets have taken an interest in Morocco’s bid, surprised as they are that the lone North African bidder has tremendously succeeded in recent months to turn the odds in its favor, thus quelling the condescension that some observers and sports outlets initiated when Morocco first announced that it was considering challenging the North American Goliath-like trio.After ESPN and the New York Times, it is now USA Today most recently examined the surprising merits of Morocco’s candidacy. “What if the biggest and most painful upset in United States soccer history isn’t the loss in Trinidad and Tobago in October that cost it a World Cup place? What if it is still to come?” USA Today asked in a recent report, comparing the country’s painful loss to Russia and Qatar to Morocco’s rise in public opinion as a serious contender–and the favorite bid–of many national federations in the FIFA community.The outlet added: “If there is one thing that has made the American soccer community feel fractionally better about the men’s national team’s absence from this summer grand global tournament, it is the idea that hosting the event in 2026 is a lock. The problem is, that it isn’t. Not any longer.”This suggests that the North African “underdog bid,” as some outlets have been calling Morocco’s campaign, has not only dealt a serious blow to the confidence of the USA-Canada-Mexico trio; it has also convinced many in the footballing community that it could beat out North America’s “superior facilities and infrastructures.”An official of one the national federations in the FIFA community, who asked to speak anonymously, has been reported by USA Today as saying that Morocco’s bid is “smart” and “has an answer for everything.” For example, while the North American bid is exhibiting its huge stadiums and the massive media rights-related financial benefits that FIFA might receive should United 2026 win, Morocco has chosen to highlight prospective Morocco 2026 World Cup matches in touristic cities “with historical significance or natural beauty.” Morocco is “putting forward a more aesthetic and cultural spiel,” USA Today said.Considering Morocco’s more favorable viewer-friendly time zone, the Trump administration’s many globally unpopular politicking, and Africa’s important bloc vote leaning toward a second World Cup on the continent, “the tough times for American soccer may continue,” USA today concluded.

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