Ten brand acne products list – the whole

even if the facial features and exquisite, long and beautiful, but the face of acne will undoubtedly make people miserable. For some oily skin MM, acne products are very important. Acne products to see the list of the top ten brands can be used to find a good way to use acne products. Acne products are the top ten brands have been used by many people and to be praised.

acne products ten brands list NO1- Europe Quanlin acne package

Europe Quanlin acne package to Europe Quanlin antioxidant activity of pure natural plant and a variety of pure natural ingredients by inhibiting acne, shrink pores, ease the rapid disintegration of viruses and bacteria. To quickly get rid of acne, acne, acne. Repair skin lesions to prevent scarring and black print.

acne products list of the top ten brands Herborist NO2- Ying Ying acne essence

Herborist most of the best acne cream is the use of a zero pollution of the straw drip painting design, the use of the original will not produce two pollution. At the same time, Cortex Moutan, saffron components from honeysuckle, aloe and other precious herbal essence, Chinese medicine from the point of view, these ingredients can play heat, dredging, detoxification, eliminate inflammation and other effects.

acne products ten brands list NO3-H2O pox water

H2O brand is famous. Of course, the price is not cheap. H2O pox water has its own fan group. H2O pox water is the main principle of acne is the use of appropriate amount of salicylic acid BHA infiltration into the hair follicles containing oil, to decompose dirt and unclean things, to prevent bacterial growth, thereby speeding up the removal of dead skin and acne healing

acne products ten brand list NO4- acne removing purification repair cream

is effective in the inflammatory reaction of each link, reduce acne bring skin discomfort. The number of hours quickly dries acne, while suppressing a texture, gentle, comfortable, easy to use, after the tolerance test, non comedogene, suitable for local use.

is more suitable for inflammatory acne, the effect is pretty good, can eliminate inflammatory acne. But the amount is not too much, and can not be a large area of smear. A certain point Tu, to cover the entire acne, acne and external isolation. He is easy to rub mud, it is good to use at night before going to bed, otherwise it will be very big.

acne products ten brand ranking NO5- Neutrogena NEUTROGENA deep oil washing film

contains natural mineral composition of clay, to help effectively absorb excess oil, and regulate oil. After washing the skin soft and dry, as long as attaining 3 minutes, >

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