ce cream – how choose to join sibeisi

ice cream dessert to join in the project has become one of the most popular projects, and has a good market for the food and beverage revenue, join in ice cream has now become the main source of income of some enterprises, the prospect of unlimited wealth according to the report, as of 2016, the global ice cream industry has reached $Qibaiyuyi, has stood on the top of the dessert the kingdom of the world. The ice cream store which is better? Sibeisi broad prospects to join ice cream.

ice cream to choose what brand of ice cream? Sibeisi join? Sibeisi ice cream joined with low risk and high benefit to investment.

According to

analysis, Spers ice cream is derived from the classic Italy cuisine. Has saved hundreds of years, Beijing Saimeiwei company went to Italy to visit numerous numerous hills and streams and ultimately find ice cream maker, ice cream Spers successor, Saimeiwei sincerely touched by each other, Spers introduced Spers China ice cream market, create delicious ice cream brand, dedicated to the vast number of domestic consumers.

after 10 years of operation, Saimeiwei achieved great success in the franchise, to become the industry leader! Beijing Saimeiwei Food Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive food technology company a food catering equipment, research and development, market development, marketing management in one. Since its establishment in 2000, in addition to fast food production standardization, efficiency of acquisition, especially focus on "the development of Saimeiwei has Chinese taste of fast foods" and "completely suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs operating fast-food items".

sibeisi according to Chinese ice cream tastes and preferences, combined with the current international trend, to provide customers with fat free, sugar free whitening, health food health puzzle. The development of ice cream, ice cream sibeisi inulin yogurt ice cream and hawthorn ice cream, the innovation results shocked the industry, shake the ice cream industry. At the same time, sibeisi investment for equipment R & D, no electric machine and portable storage cabinets two national patents, provides a small investment, high return, low risk of an excellent business opportunity for small and medium investors.

Spers ice cream brand investment, a kind of magical ice cream to the nutritional health food from a slogan into reality, it is very beautiful!! let your health Spers ice cream four seasons to the four corners of the world can enjoy the ice cream. The world’s only elderly, pregnant women and children can enjoy the ice cream. Join sibeisi ice cream, do a leader in investment, easy towards the road to wealth.

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