Big cup tea details

whether cold or hot, do you need a cup of milk tea to warm the stomach, or say, but to quench thirst. Milk tea is a popular beverage project this year. Cold winter, milk tea will bring us endless warmth. Big cup tea is not only delicious, but also has a very rich taste. In addition, whether it is a cold winter or hot summer, big cup of tea can be adjusted to taste, to adapt to seasonal changes, the introduction of hot drinks and cold drinks, intimate action is very popular, product advantages show.

big cup tea with exclusive research and development strength to create exclusive delicious, won the consumer’s favorite and recognition. It focuses on the creation of delicious drinks, not only the pursuit of exclusive, but also concerned about the quality of the product. How much do you want to join the franchise is very concerned about this problem, the following big cup official website to give you specific details from a variety of aspects.

large cup milk tea join fee:


store franchise model:

1, pay the initial fee 40000 yuan and 10000 yuan deposit, direct contract with headquarters; 2, the following year, the annual renewal fee payable (brand management fee) 3600 yuan per store; 3, the headquarters of direct distribution.

– area proxy mode:

1, to pay agency fees and deposit, and headquarters signed; 2, next year, the annual renewal fee payable (brand management fees) per area 10000 yuan; 3, the headquarters of distribution; 4, after the franchisee and the agent directly. 5, where the agent signed; area stores, by the distribution agents; 6, agent area stores, signing next year, to pay the renewal fee per agent shop 3600 yuan.

big cup tea profits analysis

health drinks are the main needs of consumers in the contemporary society, healthy food and beverage has become the future direction of development. Cup cup of milk tea firmly grasp the market trend, the quality of the product in the most important position, access to the vast number of consumers unanimously recognized. Big cup tea tea cup fee is not expensive, high profits, the shop is very simple to make money. More data analysis, please visit the big cup tea official website to understand.

minimum daily sales of 200 copies of

daily turnover of 200*11 yuan =2200 yuan

turnover of 2200*30=66000 yuan a month gross profit of 66000*65%=42900 yuan

actual profit:

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