Month: June 2017

How smart people make money and how to succeed

a lot of people tend to be confused, the same business opportunities, why others found that they did not find it? How do smart people make money? Take a look at the following eight strokes to enhance your business acumen.

first strokes: />

"headworker rule, labor who rule the people, that our ancestors had said, or you see whether in ancient times or now, how so many people love the official? It doesn’t always make you feel uncomfortable to use someone else’s achievements. On the other hand, you are helping others.

second strokes: make a prompt decision must be determined to make money, learn to quickly assess the situation. Quick decisions can lead you to occupy, too, to make money, not overcautious decision is taboo, it makes you again missed opportunities.

fifth strokes: bold but cautious you have to know the risks are. read more

Lunch box to make money

since joining venture capital, if you can not make money business, I am afraid it is difficult to attract investors, want to do business bigger, it is even harder. So, join the lunch box to make money? I think this is the most wanted to join the box to join the most concerned about the problem. So Xiaobian today to analyze whether the lunch box in the end really make money.

a, lunch can not join the store

this should be considered in the food and beverage industry which is more unique, because you do not need the store, so many people can find a cheaper room to join the lunch box. This is also the other stores have the largest expenditure of food and beverage franchisees, so, at this point, the lunch box is absolutely super province. read more

How do you make money

barbecue buffet has great room for development in our life, along with the current consumer pursuit of delicacy, barbecue buffet with endless popularity, to open a self-service barbecue stores, is the dream of many people, so how to manage? How can we make the self-service barbecue shop easy to make money? Let us come to the next   solution under the profit method.

environment how to make money?

in self-service barbecue chain stores, to choose a charcoal grill, and security is a smoke-free equipment, so have security in the environment, to give people a good space to enjoy, the traffic will be more. How to open a chain of self-service barbecue?. read more

The bucket was rot incense tofu why fire

There are a lot of

Chinese delicacy City, such as Chongqing, Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan and other places, should recommend today is a Hunan native delicacy – rot incense tofu groom bucket.

is Hunan’s most famous snack brands, Dou fragrant tofu in 2010 to rot was awarded "the special snack", through several years of development, now fighting rot incense tofu has been popular on both sides of the Changjiang River groom, is the hottest restaurant to join the project. The bucket is a groom rot incense tofu tofu characteristics after huogongdian Stinky tofu snack, let Changsha have a "smelly incense" two new name card. If you want to start a business, don’t miss it. read more

What are the prerequisites for opening a clothing store

is a good way to change the business status of a person, want to succeed in business, choose a good project is also very important, now more and more people choose entrepreneurship, many of whom are choosing to open clothing store, because the clothing market demand is very big. In fact, open a clothing store, you need to do a lot of things, a lot of things need to be ready. Today to tell you about what to start a business clothing store prerequisites.

One of the prerequisites for

to open a clothing store: store location read more

Made in Hefei robot high speed transport performance

now the whole intelligent robot era, in a special period of time like this, intelligent robot is people batch production, industrial production workshop in Hefei recently, there have been such two robots.

delicate emotional robot, wild driverless cars, the two robots we read the local manufacturing, the country’s leading up to today, daily with buddy to industrial production workshop in Hefei, see the industrial robot each bosom stunt.


] Readme

"I’m clean robot, my home in Hefei New Station District Xin Yihua company. LCD glass substrate handling speed is stable, I learned, this is second to none in the world. My working environment is very high cleanliness requirements, the amount of dust per cubic meter can not be more than ten, the human wants to enter the production workshop to visit I have to go through the wind after armed.   " read more