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Maher says Tipp will look to improve on early season form

first_imgMichael Ryan’s side are unbeaten in Division 1A so far following last Saturday nights thrilling draw with Kilkenny.Despite their strong showing Padraig Maher says they will still need to improve for later in the competition as well as the Provincial and All Ireland championships.The Thurles Sarsfields clubman says the team will get back to training on Tuesday and use the upcoming weekend to prepare for the last League game.last_img

Mike Fiers extends win streak in Oakland Athletics’ win over Kansas City Royals

first_img What A’s winter ball performances can tell us … KANSAS CITY — A day after scoring a season-high 19 runs, the A’s scored only two — and still won, beating the Kansas City Royals 2-1 on Tuesday night.Mike Fiers extended his win streak to 11 games, scattering eight hits over 5 1/3 innings. Fiers (13-3) departed in the sixth inning with a runner on second, but Yusmeiro Petit stranded him there, getting Bubba Starling to fly out and then striking out Meibrys Viloria.Related Articleslast_img read more

From Dobbs Ferry to the NBA: Eric Paschall and Donovan Mitchell are ready for the moment

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Dobbs Ferry, New York, is a small, quiet town in Westchester County with a population of 10,000 people.On June 20th, 30 of them packed into a private room at Doubleday’s Restaurant and Bar. They watched anxiously as a TV hanging from the wood-paneled wall broadcast the NBA Draft from 30 miles south in Brooklyn.Juan Paschall recalls the stress of that night as he watched his son, Eric, slide past his projected range in the middle of the first round and into the second, until he …last_img read more

Hope for Titan Ocean Evaporates into Ice Desert

first_imgSaturn’s moon Titan is a desert of sand made of ice grains mixed with hydrocarbons.  These grains form large fields of wind-driven dunes found over much of the planet-sized moon.  “Titan’s Seas Are Sand,” reported a press release from U of Arizona based on a paper in the May 5 issue of Science (see Perspective by Nicholas Lancaster1 and paper by Lorenz et al.2).    “Until a couple of years ago, scientists thought the dark equatorial regions of Titan might be liquid oceans,” the press release states.  “New radar evidence shows they are seas – but seas of sand dunes like those in the Arabian or Namibian Deserts,” as shown in the “cat scratches” soon detected on radar scan images.  The grains are probably eroded from the water-ice mountains as infrequent downpours of liquid methane roar down the slot canyons onto the plains.    Another surprise is that a moon this far from the sun could have enough solar energy to produce dune-sculpting winds.  The answer is that Saturn sets up strong enough tides in Titan’s atmosphere to do the work.  Though only on the order of one mile an hour, the winds in the thick atmosphere are able to transport the coffee-ground-size particles into familiar looking linear dunes.    Today also some exciting visuals came from the Cassini and Huygens teams.  New dramatic animations, based on actual photos, of the descent of the Huygens probe onto the surface (01/15/2005, 01/21/2005) give the viewer a probe-eye view of what it must have been like to ride the craft all the way to the dry lakebed.  Go to: JPL Cassini or U of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab.  Our favorite: JPL “Titan Descent Data Movie with Bells and Whistles” (you might want to provide your own blockbuster movie soundtrack to replace the electronic sounds representing the image sequence and signal strength).  For a higher-res version of this information-filled wild ride, see the ESA Huygens site.  For sheer drama and beauty of the descent, with Beethoven music to match, watch movie #3 at the DISR site.  Some versions of the movies add captions and narration and are available in WMV and Quicktime formats, and there are high-res stills also.  The bloggers at Unmanned Spaceflight are impressed.1Nicholas Lancaster, “Linear Dunes on Titan,” Science, 5 May 2006: Vol. 312. no. 5774, pp. 702 – 703, DOI: 10.1126/science.1126292.2Lorenz et al., “The Sand Seas of Titan: Cassini RADAR Observations of Longitudinal Dunes,” Science, 5 May 2006: Vol. 312. no. 5774, pp. 724 – 727, DOI: 10.1126/science.1123257.What an incredible finish to one of the biggest adventures in interplanetary exploration.  The world’s strangest moon, one that long-age scientists were convinced had to be covered with a liquid ocean, is dry.  Despite Titan’s bizarre color, orange you glad Huygens was a smashing success?(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

The Clock Pointed At Your Head

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now If you live to be 90 years old, you will have lived 32,850 days. That’s 4,680 weeks. That sounds like a lot of days. Even when you look at a lifetime in weeks it seems like a lot of time. But it isn’t very much time at all. It only feels like a lot of time when you are very young.The 680 weeks end when you are 13 years old. At 32 years old, you are down to 3,000 weeks. At 50 years old, you have a mere 2,080 weeks left before your 90th birthday.You have a short time to do all of the things that are going to make up a life of your own design, a life that fulfills you, and a life that you can proud of having lived. No one has gun pointed at your head motivating you to do something. But there is a clock pointed at your head. That clock is every bit as threatening, and the threat is never lifted.Your time here is short. Get busy.last_img read more

The Hustler’s Playbook: How to Be Motivated

first_imgThere are a lot of speakers who can inspire you, but none that can motivate you. There are also great leaders who can inspire you, but none that can provide you with motivation. You are already motivated, even though that motivation may be directed to things that don’t serve you. The truth of the matter is, you are getting exactly what you are motivated to obtain.Want Something: To be motivated, you have to start by wanting something you don’t have. Some will be motivated by money (though not many). Others will be motivated by importance, wanting a certain image, a certain status. Still, others will be motivated by making a difference. If you don’t want something you don’t already have, then you can’t be motivated. Sadly, no one can want something for you enough that it motivates you.Be Willing to Pay the Price: Everybody wants something. Wanting something does not make you motivated. If “wanting” was enough, everyone would have everything they want. Being willing to pay the price necessary to have what you want is what makes you motivated. You know someone is motivated when you see them taking action.Give Yourself Over to What You Want: Action isn’t enough to prove real motivation. Real motivation requires that you give yourself over to pursuing and acquiring what you want. Motivation means consistent action. It means you dream about what you want when you are sleeping, and wake yourself up to go back to work getting it. Motivation is like being consumed in a flame of desiring something you don’t have.Persist Longer Than Expected: Some people only look motivated. The want something. They are willing to pay the price. And, for a short time, they give themselves over to the pursuit. Then, because success isn’t fast coming, they give up, give in, and go home. Real motivation requires an impatient patience. You keep working for what you want, no matter how long it takes.If you aren’t producing the results you want, you may be motivated by comfort. You might also be motivated by being entertained or distracted. You might be motivated by things that feel like work but produce only busyness. Whatever it is, you are motivated, and that motivation is producing results exactly in line with your efforts.If you are truly motivated, you will find a way to get what you want. That’s how you know you are motivated. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Champions Trophy Final: Pakistan were more intense and passionate than India, says Virat Kohli

first_imgVirat Kohli tried to put up a brave face after India’s crushing defeat to Pakistan in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy at The Oval.India won the toss and decided it was a great idea to put Pakistan in to bat. After all, chasing has been their big strength and why not play to your strength in a big profile? Even if that meant chasing against the best bowling attack in the tournament.As luck would have it, Jasprit Bumrah bowled a no-ball early in the Pakistani innings and the beneficiary Fakhar Zaman went on to slam his maiden hundred. Thanks to some listless Indian bowling, Pakistan smashed 338/4 and India’s response was a disaster. Mohammad Amir tore apart the Indian top-order and the rest of the line-up caved in without a fight.However, despite the disappointment, Kohli was all grace and smiles and said all the right things at the post-match presentation ceremony . Dutifully, he congratulated Pakistan and said the victory spoke “volumes of the talent they have.””I want to congratulate Pakistan, they had an amazing tournament. The way they turned things around, speaks volumes for the talent they have.”They proved it again – they can upset anyone on their day. It was disappointing for us but I have a smile on my face because we played well to reach the final. (India vs Pakistan Final: Fakhar Zaman, Azhar Ali break 21-year-old record in dominating start)”Credit to them that they outplayed us in all departments,” said Kohli.advertisementWhat will hurt Indian fans is the abject surrender. India, the high and mighty, were blown away by a team of unpredictable players. There was no semblance of a fight and Kohli conceded Pakistan were more intense on the big day.”This is what happens in sport. We can’t take anyone lightly but they were more intense and passionate on the day. With the ball we could have had a few more wicket-taking opportunities. We tried to do out best, but even with the ball, they were aggressive,” Kohli said.On the eve of the final, Kohli insisted on the need to be calm while Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur said his players were super-excited about the game. The mental preparation seemed to be much on the part of the Pakistanis, who were ready to treat this one like a special game.last_img read more

PEP Sensitisation Sessions for Parents and Teachers

first_imgStory Highlights This was noted by Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Dr. Grace Mclean, during a session with parents at York Castle High School in Brown’s Town, St. Ann, on August 29. The Education Ministry will be engaging teachers and parents in a series of sensitisation sessions, beginning in September, to ensure a seamless implementation of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examination. The Education Ministry will be engaging teachers and parents in a series of sensitisation sessions, beginning in September, to ensure a seamless implementation of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examination.This was noted by Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Dr. Grace Mclean, during a session with parents at York Castle High School in Brown’s Town, St. Ann, on August 29.The PEP, which is slated to begin in the September 2018/19 academic year, will replace the 19-year-old Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) as the national secondary school entrance test.According to Dr. McLean, come September 12, the Ministry will kick-start a teacher sensitisation session to furnish teachers with additional information on PEP as well as clarify any misunderstanding.Those sessions, which will involve Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator, the Hon. Ruel Reid, will continue until the end of September.Meanwhile, in a bid to bring parents up to par with PEP, the Ministry will be organising a series of PEP camps starting at the end of September.Dr. McLean explained that the camps will be held in selected areas across the island on the weekend, and will educate parents on the methodology to be used to guide students in completing PEP-related tasks.“The setting will be one where you will come with your paper and your pens and your pencils and your computers, and we will have small groups where we will have performance task questions, and ability-type questions,” she said.“We will have the objectives from the curriculum, we will show you how they are linked and we will give you the opportunity as parents and as teachers to create your own questions, to go through brainstorming sessions, and to understand the approach that you are expected to use to guide your children at home,” Dr. McLean added.The Chief Education Officer said that on the release of the PEP performance task mock-examination results in the second week of September, the Ministry will commence coaching sessions with teachers who will administer PEP.She added that there will be full deployment of literacy and numeracy specialists in schools at the start of the 2018/2019 academic year, and the Ministry’s technical education officers will be dispatched to schools that need the additional support, “to ensure that the implementation gets off to a good start”.In the meantime, Senator Reid encouraged parents to play a role in getting children to become critical thinkers and problem-solvers.“We cannot take the view now that our children need to be seen and not heard. For them to develop their capacity to think and become problem-solvers, we need to not only listen to them but reason with them. We need to have conversations, we need to discuss issues with them, get their viewpoint, and ask for their suggestion on how they would solve some of the problems that you have,” he told the parents. The PEP, which is slated to begin in the September 2018/19 academic year, will replace the 19-year-old Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) as the national secondary school entrance test.last_img read more

As Sports Data Evolve the Public May Get Left Behind

The world of sports research has grown exponentially over the past decade, a trend nowhere more apparent than at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, the industry’s highest-profile exhibition.Sloan has ballooned from 175 attendees at its inaugural event in 2007 to nearly 3,000 visitors a year ago at the sprawling Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. (This year’s attendance was slightly lower because of a smaller space, but that wasn’t a function of decreased demand. According to conference organizer Jessica Gelman, the waiting list ran into the thousands.)The flowering of sports analytics has brought lots of attention, and money, to the field. That’s good and bad. Higher-tech statistics require greater investment, which, in turn, introduces the possibility that leagues will be less willing to share new data with the public.Several notable data projects have been featured in Sloan’s panels over the years. Just last week, Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) announced an optical-tracking technology to replace the PITCHf/x system. What does this portend for the future of open-source analytics?MLBAM CEO Bob Bowman gave assurances that “fans will be able to see these data.” I hope that he means history will repeat itself. The original PITCHf/x data was stored in public files, which early pioneers of pitch analysis quickly learned to use. Bloggers and hobbyists did such good work that teams began hiring them; Mike Fast, Josh Kalk and other PITCHf/x gurus jumped into the big leagues (yours truly was hired by the Atlanta Hawks). Thus began a symbiotic relationship between MLB insiders and outsiders, made possible by a willingness to give smart people free data and let them run with it.But you can’t help but sense the possibility that the next wave of advanced data won’t be as accessible to amateurs. The tug-of-war between intellectual curiosity and monetization serves as a microcosm of what Sloan is about. It exists in the murky territory between trade fairs and academic conferences, a stark change from its earlier, smaller incarnations.Sloan’s growth has mirrored the growth of sports analytics, but it also underscores the increasing ways in which businesses and teams are looking to profit from a new generation of sports data. I just hope they don’t shut out the public in the process. read more