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He’s a creep, but that’s not illegal

first_imgI’m glad I didn’t fall for the latest Internet hoax. MarryOurDaughter.com? Hello? Did the millions who went to this site actually think there were parents out there putting a bridal price on the head of their 15-year-old Ashlee ($37,500) or 16-year-old Kristin ($49,995)? The hoax proved to be the brainchild of John Ordover, a Brooklyn man practicing his viral marketing skills. It was Ordover who hyped this site as an “introduction service assisting those following the biblical tradition of arranging marriages for their daughters.” But before you deep-six your most paranoid fantasy about the arranged marriages of young girls, let us turn to reality. In a courtroom in St. George, Utah, there is a defendant named Warren Jeffs who surely regards himself as a celestial matchmaker. Jeffs is the autocrat and reigning prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), a polygamous community of about 10,000 that regards itself as the one true Mormon faith. It survives much to the embarrassment of mainstream Mormons, who gave up polygamy in 1890, and much to the horror of the state. Jeffs is either deeply creepy or downright evil depending on how you label religious leaders who consider themselves the voice of God and marry multiple women, including 30 of their late father’s youngest widows. He is infamous, among other things, for kicking hundreds of teenage boys out of his community and matching hundreds of their sisters into plural marriages. For those hooked on “Big Love,” Jeffs makes Alby Grant look appealing. But the man is not on trial for being a polygamist, let alone a creep. As the judge and prosecutor told the jury, this case is not about polygamy. Jeffs is being tried as an accessory to rape. He’s charged with intentionally aiding the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl by her husband. To hear the alleged victim, known only as Jane Doe, describe her marriage is to be as deeply saddened as the jury was. After resisting Jeffs’ order to marry her 19-year-old first cousin, she found herself at the altar, head hanging, forcing out the words, “OK, I do.” After refusing sex, she went back to Jeffs for counsel and was told to “repent,” to “do your duty,” and be “obedient.” And so the girl who didn’t know what sex was or where children came from says she was forced to submit to her husband. Did this teenager make her own choice? We forget how the rules governing consent have changed. Conflicting state laws now navigate between a girl’s sexual maturity and her vulnerability. In many states, including Utah, a girl can marry with her parents’ permission at a younger age than she can have sex. But this case raises a different question about consent. How much power did the religious leader wield over the 14-year-old? If you refused to marry the chosen husband, Doe testified, you would “lose your chance at salvation.” How could she refuse to obey the husband who was “my ticket into heaven”? No, polygamy is not on trial. But its history is interwoven with questions of consent. Opponents of plural marriage in the 19th century included women’s rights advocates who equated polygamy with slavery. No mature woman, they believed, would voluntarily enslave herself. In the late 20th century, the idea arose that consenting adults could make their own sexual arrangements from serial monogamy to, well, polygamy. Indeed, at this trial, FLDS women described themselves as “empowered.” But the view of polygamy as just another lifestyle choice has been countered by the evidence of communities rife with abuse. Doe’s forced marriage falls easily into the moral category of child abuse. So I sympathize with the desire to get Warren Jeffs. Get Al Capone for tax evasion. Get O.J. for chasing down his memorabilia. But I’m troubled by the charge that Jeffs is an accessory to felony rape. University of Utah law professor Daniel Medwed calls it “an ill-fitting suit draped over this case.” I’m afraid he’s right. The argument is that Jeffs told Doe to submit or be damned. It will be hard enough to prove that he was explicit in encouraging rape by her husband. For that matter, how can you convict a man as an accessory to rape when the alleged rapist himself – the husband – hasn’t been charged? On the stand, he denied forcing her. This case highlights what it’s like to be a girl imprisoned in the FLDS world. Have no tolerance for a community, even a religious one, that so estranges its young from shared values, including liberty. But this charge doesn’t fit Warren Jeffs’ moral trespasses. It’s too much. And way, way, too little. Ellen Goodman’s e-mail address is [email protected] 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgBritish police have launched their own investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, claiming they have new evidence and new witnesses.Madeleine in Donegal, pictured second from left in April 2007. She disappeared in Portugal two weeks laterScotland Yard also said it believes there is a chance she is alive.Following a two-year review of evidence in the case, police have identified 38 people of interest, none of whom are known to the McCanns. Madeleine, who has strong family connections with Donegal, went missing from a holiday apartment in Portugal’s Algarve in 2007.Only weeks before her disappearance she was pictured in St Johnston with dad Gerry and mum Kate.The Portuguese probe into’s Maddie’s disappearance is officially closed, but authorities there are backing the Scotland Yard inquiry.It said today that 12 of the individuals of interest are British and the rest from a variety of European countries. It is working with governments across the continent to find out more, it added.Madeleine vanished on 3 May 2007, days before her fourth birthday.The case has generated intense media interest.Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood said police “continue to believe that there is a possibility that Madeleine is alive.”POLICE LAUNCH NEW MADDIE INVESTIGATION WITH 38 ‘PEOPLE OF INTEREST’ was last modified: July 4th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Maddie McCannportugallast_img read more

Sharks grab hold of first place in the Western Conference

first_imgVANCOUVER, British Columbia — From not even close to best in the west in just 10 weeks.The Sharks moved into first place in the Pacific Division and the Western Conference on Monday, leapfrogging the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets with 75 points by earning a 7-2 win over the Vancouver Canucks. With the win, the Sharks completed their four-game road swing through Western Canada with a perfect record.The Sharks move into the Western Conference’s penthouse puts an exclamation mark on a …last_img read more

‘Tea bag’ filter delivers purified water

first_img27 July 2010Combining years of research on water purification, food microbiology and nanotechnology, scientists at South Africa’s Stellenbosch University have developed a high-tech “tea bag” filter that fits into the neck of a bottle and turns polluted water into clean water as you drink from it.It promises to provide easy access to clean drinking water for vulnerable communities, for instance those living near polluted water streams. There are also plans to commercialise the filter bag into a product that can be used by outdoor enthusiasts on hiking or camping trips.When microbiologist Professor Eugene Cloete became Dean of the Faculty of Science at Stellenbosch University (SU) in January 2009, he picked up on relevant research outside his own field of expertise, which sparked the invention of a high-tech disposable filter that looks like a tea bag and cleans highly polluted water.Together with researchers from the Department of Microbiology and SU polymer scientists, he recently patented the innovative invention -a portable, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly water filter bag that fits into the neck of a bottle.“The water is cleaned right then and there when you drink from the bottle,” Cloete said in a statement issued by the university last week.Water provision, sustainabilityAs a past executive vice-president of the International Water Association and a member of Coca-Cola’s worldwide panel of water experts, Cloete believes water provision and sustainability go hand in hand.“The lack of availability of adequate, safe and affordable water supplies impacts severely on vulnerable groups such as the poor, the elderly, HIV/Aids patients and children,” he said.“More than 90% of all cholera cases are reported in Africa, and 300-million people on our continent do not have access to safe drinking water. Clearly, something has to be done about this.”Cloete believes the “tea bag” filter shows the way forward because it represents decentralised, point-of-use technology. It can help meet the needs of people who live or travel in remote areas, or people whose regular water supply is not being treated to potable standards.“It is simply impossible to build purification infrastructure at every polluted stream. So we have to take the solution to the people,” he said.Trans-disciplinary initiativesThe invention has become one of the first major projects of the new Stellenbosch University Water Institute, a trans-disciplinary initiative established to intensify the search for lasting solutions to the country and continent’s water woes.Cloete, who is the chairperson of the Water Institute, says he got the idea for the filter on an introductory visit to InnovUS, the university’s technology transfer company, some 18 months ago.“I was shown the electro-spinning technique of spinning ultra-thin fibres on a nanoscale developed by Dr Eugene Smit of the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science,” he said.“Right away, my mind started churning through the possibilities of how it could be used to clean polluted water.”‘Off-the-shelf materials’A research team was put together and, after various trials and experiments, a filter sachet was developed that not only resembles a tea bag in shape and size, but is made of the same biodegradable material as off-the-shelf rooibos tea bags:The inside of the tea bag material is coated with a thin film of biocides encapsulated within minute nanofibres, which kills all disease-causing microbes.The bag is filled not with tea leaves but with active carbon granules that remove all harmful chemicals, for instance endocrine disruptors.Each “tea bag” filter can clean one litre of the most polluted water to the point where it is 100% safe to drink.Once used, the bag is thrown away, and a new one is inserted into the bottle neck.“We tested the filter with water taken from a river here in the Stellenbosch area. The samples were highly polluted with pathogens, but they came out completely clean on the other side,” said Dr Michele de Kwaadsteniet, a postdoctoral fellow working on the project with Cloete and Professor Leon Dicks of the Department of Microbiology.The “tea bag” filter is currently being tested by the South African Bureau of Standards, after which the team hopes to roll it out to various communities.“It really is exciting to be part of a potentially life-changing project,” said Dr Marelize Botes, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Microbiology and a member of the water filter bag research team. “It’s such an easy-to-use and practical solution to something that’s been a major problem for so long.”HOPE ProjectThe Stellenbosch University Water Institute and its “tea bag” water filter form part of its HOPE Project, a set of development goals aimed at improving lives in South Africa and the rest of the continent.“We firmly believe that science should serve the needs of society. By aligning the expertise of our scientists with the national and international development agenda, we want to become more relevant to society,” said Professor Russel Botman, rector and vice-chancellor of the University.SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Oxford to Offer Joint Computer Science and Philosophy Degree – Here’s How to Play Along at Home

first_imgklint finley Tags:#hack#tips 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… Why You Love Online Quizzes Last week Oxford announced a joint computer science and philosophy undergraduate degree. The only thing surprising about this announcement is that it’s taken this long to marry these courses of study. Although there’s a bit of hostility towards philosophy in the Hacker News thread on the subject, there’s a general agreement that it’s a worthwhile idea.How will the program work? And will there be any study materials for us to play along with at home? Read on.The ProgramWhat exactly will the program cover? According to Oxford’s website:The programme is largely modelled on the Computer Science half of the “Mathematics and Computer Science” programme and the Philosophy half of the “Mathematics and Philosophy” programme. The first year of the degree covers core material in both subjects, including a bridging course studying Alan Turing’s pioneering work on computability and artificial intelligence. Later years include a wide range of options, with an emphasis on courses near the interface between the two subjects. The fourth year provides you with the opportunity to study advanced topics and to undertake a more in-depth research project.There may be a more practical downside the combination, however. A Hacker News commenter using the name user24 writes:I completed my MSc in Computer Science at Oxford in 2009. My undergrad degree was a joint honours IT and Philosophical Studies BA (UoW Lampeter).From my (limited) knowledge of how comlab/Oxford works, it looks like students will be splitting their time between the philosophy department and comlab.I can’t quite see how they’re marrying the two together. I know from my first degree that it’s a great combination – there’s more crossover than you’d initially think. But it does rather seem as though you’d just be splitting your time between two very different departments, rather than literally studying the two subjects in harmony.Play From HomeThere’s no mention yet of MIT-like open courseware. But if, like most of us, you won’t be able to take this program at Oxford you might be interested in the site Less Wrong. It’s run by Future of Humanity Institute, a group at Oxford that some on Hacker News speculate may have something to do with this new program. In particular check out References & Resources for LessWrong, a treasure trove for autodidacts.center_img How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Related Posts Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoidlast_img read more

Commentary Kerry Coombs makes his presence known as Ohio State football kicks

As he roamed the field for the first practice of Ohio State’s spring football season, coach Urban Meyer’s demeanor was calm. He was in control. The field was his. The loudest guy out there was not the former Florida head coach, but the newest hire on Meyer’s staff, the cornerbacks coach from the University of Cincinnati. Kerry Coombs, hired after Bill Sheridan’s departure to the NFL, was the most vocal and most engaging coach to watch on the field. Working with the cornerbacks in position drills, Coombs took command of the situation, barked out orders and asserted himself as a presence on the field you would expect from a long-time coach – not one that has been on the team for less than a month. Cornerback position drills included more than 20 minutes of footwork, ranging from side-to-side fast-feet drills, drills to keep the corners low and drills designed to have them catch a tennis ball. Coombs was the loudest on the field, yelling things such as “Stay down,” or “Get low,” or my favorite, “You have to catch the ball!” Coombs, served as the associate head coach for the Bearcats, and also as Cincinnati’s special teams coordinator, defensive pass game coordinator and defensive backs coach. Coombs was constantly challenging the corners to get lower and faster in their drills, and was not shy in making fun of redshirt sophomore defensive back Adam Griffin for his height. Griffin is listed at 5 feet 8 inches. “Adam,” Coombs shouted. “You’re already too low, I can’t even see you back there.” If Coombs’ passion is any indication of the kind of energy Meyer’s new staff will bring to the field, all signs are pointing in the right direction for the 2012 Buckeyes. Running with the 1’s The linebacker position will provide solid competition for the three starting spots, as senior Storm Klein was running with the backups on Wednesday. Redshirt senior Etienne Sabino, sophomore Ryan Shazier and sophomore Curtis Grant were running in the three linebacker spots. The offensive line position will also provide interesting matchups in spring ball, as the anchors of the offensive line will not be returning next year. Players stepping in to fill the shoes of Mike Adams, Michael Brewster and J.B Shugarts include junior Andrew Norwell, redshirt junior Jack Mewhort, redshirt junior Corey Linsley, redshirt junior Marcus Hall, tight end-turned-lineman senior Reid Fragel and many others. Also impressing on the first day of practice was freshman Taylor Decker. read more

Womens Volleyball Ohio State loses to Illinois beats Northwestern in 30 sweep

Members of Ohio State women’s volleyball team celebrate their final match point and victory against Maryland on Sept. 20. The Buckeyes won the match 3-0. Credit: Rebecca Farage | For The LanternThe Ohio State women’s volleyball team lost Friday night to Illinois (15-4, 6-2 Big Ten) in a 3-0 sweep, but bounced back Saturday by beating Northwestern (12-8, 2-6 Big Ten) in three straight sets.The Buckeyes moved to 11-8 overall and 4-4 in the Big Ten.IllinoisAlthough the Buckeyes had a slow start to the weekend, senior outside hitter Ashley Wenz helped her team with 15 kills, 13 digs and two blocks on the night. Senior outside hitter Luisa Schirmer contributed 10 kills and freshman defensive specialist Hannah Gruensfelder was responsible for 15 digs.Freshman middle blocker Lauren Witte was the surprise of the evening. She delivered seven kills on 11 swings with a .455 hitting percentage, with only two errors. She also played a strong defense with three blocks.Ohio State began the opening set with a 12-10 lead against the Illini. After an 18-all tie, the Buckeyes took four straight to move into a 22-18 lead before Illinois recorded seven of the next eight points to take the set, 25-23.The dramatic conclusion to the first set carried over to the next as Ohio State trailed the entire way through and lost 25-19.Although they fell behind early on in the third, Schirmer notched two kills and an ace to tie the set at 18. Unfortunately for Ohio State, Illinois converted seven of the final nine points to complete the sweep, 25-20..NorthwesternOhio State was able to come back on Saturday night against Northwestern with a 3-0 win, outscoring the Wildcats by 29 points and restricting them to a .074 attacking percentage.The Buckeyes played a convincing match with nine blocks and a .308 hitting percentage. Once again, Wenz drove the team to victory with 11 kills and three blocks of her own. Junior setter Taylor Hughes led the team with five blocks, three aces, and recorded 29 assists.Ohio State began the game on a high note with a 12-4 lead in the first set. Northwestern bounced back with a 9-3 run, but the Buckeyes scored 10 consecutive points and won the set 25-13.The second was a bit of a toss-up between both teams, but the Buckeyes pulled away late with a 5-1 run, securing the 25-18 win with an ace from SchirmerOhio State maintained its steady pace in the third set and and got some help at the net from Hughes and Witte, who tallied back-to-back blocks. The Buckeyes built a 22-10 lead, but the Wildcats fought back with four straight points. The Buckeyes continued to deliver both offensively and defensively, taking the set 25-15.Ohio State will return to St. John Arena for a match against No. 6 Minnesota at 8 p.m. Wednesday. read more

John Stones criticizes Colombia

first_imgEngland defender John Stones says Colombia are the dirtiest team he ever faced, according to Sky Sports.Stones are his teammates triumphed over their Colombian counterparts 4-3 penalties, after a very tense game which ended 1-1 after extra-time.Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling and Colombia’s Julio Urtasu were both involved in an altercation, as Wilmar Barrios appeared to hit the chin of Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson with his head but American referee, Mark Geiger only awarded a yellow card to the Colombian.Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid, BrazilNeymar the reason Vinicius didn’t make Brazil debut, says Tite Andrew Smyth – September 7, 2019 Brazil boss Tite revealed that Neymar’s “perfect” body language meant Vinicius Junior was denied his long-awaited international debut Harry Kane score England’s goal from the spot after he was brought down in the penalty area by Colombia’s Carlos Sanchez. England appeared to be heading into the quarter-final until a late Yerry Mina header forced extra-time.Gareth Southgate’s men won the tie on penalties after Uribe and Carlos Bacca missed their spot kicks for Colombia.“The game was a strange one, probably the dirtiest I’ve played in my entire career. Their actions are the referee awarded us a penalty wasn’t nice in any way. They surrounded the referee and almost shoved him to the floor,” Stones said.last_img read more

Neymar reacts to Barcelona return speculation

first_imgParis Saint-Germain star player Neymar says he is angry with the false news that speculates he is keen to return to Barcelona.Neymar has been a subject of discussion this January following a report he had been making frantic calls to return to his former club, Barcelona.The Brazil international, who was absent from PSG’s squad for Saturday’s 3-0 Ligue 1 away win over Amiens, has now come out to say there’s no truth in the report making the rounds, describing the news as “lies.”Spanish outlet El Mundo reported on Thursday that the 26-year-old is desperate for a return to Camp Nou, less than two years after departing for the Parisians in a record £198m transfer.Jose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach. The player has now reacted to the rumours by saying via Sports Mole: “I’m looking at fake calls and fake news, when I’m angry with lies, when false friends come to talk to me and I put on the face that I do not know anything.”last_img read more