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Scale-dependence of seabird-fishery data analysis and management: Reply to Croxall et al. (2013)

first_imgCroxall et al. (2013; Mar Ecol Prog Ser 493:297-300) assert that fine-scale analysis of seabird-fisheries overlap, such as that presented in Torres et al. (2013; Mar Ecol Prog Ser 473:275-289), is of limited value for the assessment and management of seabird bycatch. In contrast, we consider that the highly dynamic movement patterns of both seabirds and fishing vessels necessitate analyses at multiple scales to fully understand the spatio-temporal variation in their associations. Conservation management of seabird bycatch in fishing operations can be applied at multiple scales from large ocean basins to small sub-national management units. We argue that the appropriate scale of analysis of seabird−fishery overlap is dependent on the data available and on the scale of management to be applied. The criticism by Croxall et al. (2013) of our analytical methods and interpretation of results does not affect the derived rates of overlap between Buller’s albatrosses and fishing vessels. Studies of seabird-fisheries overlap at all scales are trending toward analyses at smaller spatial and temporal scales, supporting the conclusion of Torres et al. (2013) that scaling down such analyses is valuable for improving our ecological understanding of seabird-fishery associations and for the conservation management of seabird bycatch.last_img read more

Habitat, trophic levels and migration patterns of the short-finned squid Illex argentinus from stable isotope analysis of beak regions

first_imgIllex argentinus is an ecologically and economically important species, assumed to be restricted to the Patagonian Shelf and around the subtropical convergence. Beaks found in diet samples from black-browed albatrosses Thalassarche melanophris during chick rearing initially suggested that it may also inhabit Antarctic waters until it was appreciated that I. argentinus is used as fishing bait by commercial longliners within albatrosses foraging areas. Here, we applied a new methodology involving stable isotope analysis (δ13C and δ15N) in two regions [tip of the rostrum (juvenile) and wing (adult)] of lower beaks obtained from diet samples of black-browed albatrosses breeding at Bird Island (South Georgia). The aims were to (1) assess if I. argentinus could inhabit Antarctic waters somewhere in the life cycle (2) determine the trophic ecology of I. argentinus, and (3) discuss possible migration patterns of I. argentinus and whether its distribution may change in the future. Values of δ13C (proxy for habitat) were − 18.4 ± 0.7‰ and − 17.1 ± 0.4‰ during the juvenile and adult life stages, respectively, indicating a northwards ontogenetic shift, and that this species exclusively inhabits waters north of the Antarctic Polar Front. Values of δ15N was lower in juveniles (+5.9 ± 1.1‰) than adults (+8.4 ± 1.3‰), indicating an increase of one trophic level throughout the squid’s life, suggesting a diet shift from zooplankton to fish and squid. Based on predicted effects of climate change, the distribution of I. argentinus may become more restricted as the northern limit moves southwards because of warming ocean temperature.last_img read more

The Left Post Trump Victory

first_imgThe Left Post Trump Victory:Liberal Heads ExplodeBy Richard Moss MDIt has been entertaining to watch leftists flailing frantically since the election of Donald Trump. Their contempt for their country and the democratic process could not be more obvious. And nowhere in the media, the Academy, or the Democrat Party, is there even a trace of soul searching or acknowledgement of possible miscues under President Barack Hussein Obama or the Hillary Clinton campaign. In the face of Trump’s historic upset victory, the loss of traditional blue states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and Republican control of both houses of Congress, the left responds as they always have, by mindlessly burping out yet more insults and slurs against Trump and his supporters – those millions of Americans who had once been the backbone of the Democrat party.The left wing media, in particular, has been apoplectic. They are now an openly corrupt institution that has long since given up the pretense of objectivity. Instead of government watchdog and pillar of democracy charged with overseeing government, the press has become an arm of the government and propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. They exist to flatter one another and advance the PC, leftist narrative. The newsflash is they no longer matter. Reduced to the status of annoying left wing hecklers, they influence no one beyond a shrinking slice of Americans who read the New York Times. Their power to sway the outcome of elections has ended. The wicked witch is dead. Hail to Dorothy! This is great news for the country.The left didn’t see the wave coming that would inundate them. Their inflated self-regard and contempt for the great unwashed and their quaint notions of nationhood made it impossible for them to recognize it. They didn’t see it in Germany, France and throughout Europe. They didn’t see it in the UK and Brexit. And they didn’t see it in the US.Americans, like most Europeans, reject transnational globalism, and the effort underway to repeal national identity and culture. Most people, unlike leftists, admire their national history, language and culture and want to preserve them. They also want to maintain their borders. They reject PC tyranny and identity politics that balkanize the country. They shun victimhood and “multiculturalism.” They abhor the pagan Marxist effort to purge differences between the sexes for the benefit of tiny, perpetually aggrieved sexual minorities. They repudiate amnesty, sanctuary cities, Obamacare, and the war on fossil fuels. They reject Syrian Muslim refugees, fake “hate-crimes,” and bad trade deals. They have also had it with being called racist, sexist bigots because they oppose transgendered bathrooms and mass third world immigration.But the angry left lashes out. The ones who whined about Trump not accepting the results of the election are now denying the legitimacy of his victory. They demand recounts. They condemn the Electoral College. They harass electors. They engage in a moronic witch-hunt against Steve Bannon. They blame the Russians, “fake news,” and Jill Stein. They liken Trump to Hitler while worshipping Castro. George Soros-funded goons riot in the streets. Infantile students demand “safe spaces.” And Democrats are poised to nominate radical, former Nation of Islam member, and anti-Semite, Keith Ellison as their leader. Learning nothing from their defeat, they move further to the left.The alt-left, the media, and the Democrat Party see their country through the prism of bigotry and oppression. America, for them, is a sweltering cesspool of racism and intolerance. They are the army of saints that will cleanse the nation of its sins. Anyone opposing their noble efforts is by definition, a bigot. The one tool in their toolbox is to slander anyone disagreeing with their failed policies as racists, misogynists, or bigots. They can never grasp the good in America because they are blind to it. For them it is morally stained from its inception. They despise its founding, history, culture, and economic system. They loathe whites, Christians, and heterosexuals, and especially the reviled “straight, white male.” They denigrate coal miners, cops, and the military. But it is they who are the racists and bigots. And they wonder why they lost.Here is some “real” news for the left. America is the greatest nation in the history of human civilization. It is the most tolerant and least racist country on earth. It embraces the individual, limited government, private property, religious freedom, and free markets. It is the pinnacle of western civilization and model for the rest of the world. If you live in this country, whoever you are, you have won life’s lottery. But the left will never see this.My sympathies go out to crazed thought police and PC commissars, frantic social justice thugs and student “snowflakes,” and outraged diversicrats and identarian racists everywhere. But after eight years of hardline leftism under Obama, the “deplorables” have had enough.The joyous sound you hear ringing across the land is leftist heads exploding.Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN. Find more of his essays and blog posts at Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Scramble Campbell Depicts Col. Bruce Hampton’s Final Concert To Benefit Memorial Fund

first_imgScramble Campbell—the live music painter known for his brightly-colored, expressionistic paintings of bands, musicians, and music events—captured Hampton 70 in his most recent masterpiece. The event celebrated the 70th birthday of the “Grandaddy of the Jam Scene,” Col. Bruce Hampton and gathered Derek Trucks, Jimmy Herring, Warren Haynes, John Bell, Dave Schools, Duane Trucks, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, Jeff Sipe, Jon Fishman, John Popper, and 30 other renowned musicians at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. It was during this glorious four-hour event that Col. Bruce took his final bow, kneeling to the ground and peacefully returning to outer space. Surrounded by his musical family and friends, during the encore of his favorite song, the death of Col. Bruce Hampton was perhaps the most magnificent happening in rock and roll history.Listen To Jon Fishman, John Bell, And More Talk About Col. Bruce From Hampton 70, His Surreal Final ShowTo commemorate the wild spectacle and those glorious final moments on stage, Scramble Campbell created a new piece of work as an important extension of the experience. The image depicts Col. Bruce Hampton in the middle of the stage, surrounded by all the artists performing at Hampton 70, with an out-of-body version of Col. Bruce beckoning his final moments. Scramble Campbell’s painting will be available only through the “Zambi Army Scrambled” efforts, which will offer the Zambi Army Painting as a poster, t-shirt, and tote bag. All proceeds will benefit The Col. Bruce Hampton Memorial Fund, which was established to help mitigate the expenses Bruce’s family has incurred from his untimely passing.***Please note that today is the last day to purchase these special offers, though donations can be made at any time.***More information can be found here.last_img read more

Fifteenth annual Holy Half Marathon raises money for local children’s charity

first_imgOver 1,600 people ran a route weaving across and around Notre Dame’s campus in the 15th Holy Half Marathon and 10k race this past Saturday.“We’ve grown from two years ago, when we only had 1,500 allowed,” junior and event director Abby Smith said. “We upped the capacity to 1,700. Generally, the interest is at around 2,300 people, so our waitlist is pretty long.” Erin Finnessy Students and visitors of Notre Dame run through campus on the running route of the Holy Half Marathon and 10k Race on April 6.Smith and fellow event directors junior Kateri Budo and senior Logan Arnold work with a team of 11 other students who begin planning for the event in August.The students serve in a variety of roles to assist with every aspect of the race, including volunteer coordination, course mapping, social media and choosing the nonprofit organization the proceeds will benefit.The race, which was originally started as a means of fundraising for Hurricane Katrina relief, has now shifted its focus to supporting local organizations.“We usually try and find organizations that have an affiliation with either St. Joseph County or Notre Dame,” Smith said.This year, the proceeds of the race will go to the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program of St. Joseph County and Education Bridge.“The CASA Program of St. Joseph County gives legal aid to children, and Education Bridge, who we donated to two years ago, was started by a Notre Dame grad,” Smith said. “Basically, they build schools in South Sudan.  They’re a very young organization, but it’s cool because that means our donation is super impactful to them, because they can really use the funds.”Freshman John Sheridan, who finished second overall and was the male overall student winner, said he did not know how large the charity component of the race was until after the race. Sheridan, like many runners, said he decided to participate in the Holy Half as a personal goal to work towards.“I was a big runner in high school, and I like to have my eyes ahead for something, so it was cool to have something to train for,” Sheridan said. “The Holy Half obviously is a huge deal on campus, so I felt like it would be cool to try to train for that — so I guess it paid off.”A significant change to the event this year was the addition of an awards ceremony.“We’ve always in the past given the winners some sort of prize, but that was just a very private event,” Arnold said. “The winner would come up to us afterwards, and we would just hand them the medal.”This year, the three event directors announced the awards at a ceremony where members of the band played the Victory March and Alma Mater. Representatives from both CASA and Education Bridge also spoke.“We invited them to speak during the awards ceremony to share what their mission is about to see where the money that the Holy Half raises goes to,” Arnold said.Another change to the race this year was some modifications to the course route. The route is generally the same every year; starting at Stepan Center and going west, it laps the campus twice, passing by many iconic Notre Dame landmarks like the library, the grotto and the dome.“Last year was actually short by a little under half a mile — which is a lot — so this year, our race director has run it like four times now to measure,” Smith said.This year, the route seemed as though it was longer than 13.1 miles.“There was some construction along the intended race route that we did not know about until Friday afternoon,” Arnold said. “We found out about it way too last-minute to do anything so we just went around it. So that added some distance to the course and was also just a little frustrating.”Sheridan said his watch recorded it as 13.24 miles, but added that GPS is not perfectly accurate.“I heard people say 13.4, which is crazy, but I think it was long, but not by that much — not enough to affect anything,” Sheridan said.In its 15 years, the Holy Half has become a popular Notre Dame tradition, drawing students, alumni and members of the surrounding Notre Dame community.“I feel like it just brings everyone together, because there were just so many people yesterday that I had no idea ran and they were just so proud of themselves and running with people that they maybe would never interact with,” Sheridan said. “It’s a big community-building thing, which I think is awesome.”Tags: 10K race, Holy Half Marathon, marathonlast_img read more

Borrello Blasts Cuomo’s Executive Order Redistributing Ventilators

first_imgNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo provides a coronavirus update during a press conference in the Red Room at the State Capitol in Albany. Image by Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.ALBANY – Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that he’d be signing an executive order allowing the state to take ventilators and redistribute to other hospitals, and a state senator says he’s opposed to the order. State Senator George Borrello (R-57th District) says that the health and wellness of Upstate New York residents is just as important as residents in New York City. Borrello released the following statement Friday afternoon:“With COVID-19 rapidly increasing in several upstate cities and communities, I was shocked to hear the Governor announce that he has signed an executive order allowing ventilators and personal protective equipment from upstate hospitals to be seized for distribution in downstate facilities.“We are seeing on a daily basis, the rapid spread of this unpredictable virus in cities and communities across upstate. Next door in Erie County, which borders the northernmost portion of the 57th District, cases are multiplying at lightning speed. Surrounding counties are also seeing sharp upticks in cases. Taking lifesaving ventilators and PPE from any of our hospitals creates the very real danger that residents and health care workers in the region could see their health, and even their lives, threatened by the lack of necessary equipment. “While we understand the extreme circumstances that hospitals in New York City and downstate are experiencing, the health and safety of our upstate residents is just as critical. I have sent a letter to Governor Cuomo asking him to reverse this reckless decision.” Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),He has to make sure his loyal voters get what they need. The city are the ones who keep re-electing him. You can ask anyone from UPSTATE NY, we agree cut off the shit show they call NYC and make them their own state!!! With him “stealing” the ventilators is that going to be before or after he sends citidots to UPSTATE NY hospitals??,We are nobody in UPSTATE regardless of your party, think about it,Oh borello and his soap box, little man with a big voice,Dirty politic.last_img read more

CU2.0 Hot Take: The good, the bad, and the ugly of the Apple Card

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » The Apple Card is going to change things.With its large market appeal and history of developing user-friendly tech, the Apple Card is set to disrupt offerings from traditional card issuers. Credit unions especially may worry about losing market share. And they should worry—if they’re unwilling to learn from Apple.Overall, not everything that changes will be good, and not everything will be bad. I actually expect the Apple Card to benefit both consumers and financial institutions in the long run.Nevertheless, I’m not sold on the card itself. Here are my series of hot takes.last_img read more

PSG shops for N25b Ndidi

first_imgRelatedPosts Super Eagles stars model new national team jersey Thiago Alcantara completes Liverpool move Neymar risks seven-game ban, Gonzalez 10 Paris Saint-Germain is interested in signing Leicester’s Wilfred Ndidi as they search for a new central midfielder in the summer transfer window.Ndidi, 23, was in fine form for Champions League-chasing Leicester before the break due to the coronavirus outbreak and became the subject of interest from some top European clubs. Paris Saint-Germain is interested in signing Leicester’s Wilfred Ndidi as they search for a new central midfielder in the summer transfer window.nd PSG, through their sporting director Leonardo, is positioning themselves to make a move. The Nigeria international arrived at Leicester in 2017 from Genk for £15 million and still has another four years left on his contract.His value is estimated at around £45 million to £50 million (N25 million).Despite recently bringing in two central midfielders in Idrissa Gueye last summer for £30 million from Everton and Leandro Paredes the previous January for £36 million from Zenit, the Parisians still feel they need a strong and aggressive holding midfielder, which neither the Senegal nor Argentina internationals are.Ndidi ticks all the boxes and Leonardo could soon accelerate on their interest.Ndidi is not the only midfielder on the list. Partey, 26, who is also having a very good season, is also another name on their shortlist.The Ghana international’s buy-out clause is £43.7 million.Leonardo is also a big fan of Bakayoko.The Frenchman, 25, had a revival at Monaco this season and still belongs to Chelsea, where he endured a difficult spell before being loaned to Milan and then back the Ligue 1 side.Monaco will not trigger his £30 million release out clause. Tags: LeceisterParis Saint-GermainSummer Transfer WindowWilfred Ndidilast_img read more

South Florida man charged after attempting to contact ISIS for terror plot

first_imgAuthorities in Miami are reporting that they have arrested a 23-year-old man after an investigation found that he attempted to contact members of ISIS to commit an act of terror on his behalf.The FBI began investigating the suspect Salman Rashid, in April of 2018 after he made several public Facebook post advocating for the establishment of Islamic Law.According to the report, Rashid solicited a source to contact members of ISIS to commit an act of terror that he wanted to occur in May of this year. An FBI informant then made themselves out to be a member of ISIS to which Rashid told them that the attack could take place at a religious building or a night club.As Rashid continued to communicate with the informant, he then requested that the informant commit attacks on both the Dean of Miami-Dade College and the Dean of Broward College as Rashid had been suspended or expelled from both schools.Rashid was arrested and has since appeared in court Monday, where he was charged with soliciting another person to commit a crime of violence.last_img read more

All India Tennis Association Super Series in Jorhat

first_imgOur Sports ReporterGUWAHATI: Preparations are on at Jorhat Tennis Club to conduct the ONGC- AITA Super Series National Ranking Tennis Tournament of the All India Tennis Association for Boys and Girls in the 16 years age group.The competition will be held from September 3 and the events to be held are Singles and Doubles for both Boys and Girls. Udit Gogoi and Kristi Boro, both from Assam, are the Top Seeds in Boys and Girls Singles.last_img