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first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. This week’s guruSpectacular failure sees error of waysIt’s not only Lord Archer who lies on his CV, although few manage to stretchthe truth about their academic career in such a convincing way. While wannabe ophthalmologists might not have the fictional skills of abest-selling author, one managed to pull the wool over the eyes of Wigan andLeigh NHS Healthcare Trust, Greater Manchester, this month. After having failed exams on seven previous attempts, the doctor simplydidn’t bother to turn up for his eighth go. Instead, he went back to work andtold his bosses that he’d completed the ophthalmology exams and was rewardedwith a new contract. But, as Lord Archer can testify (although its authenticity would have to bechecked), telling porkies will come back to haunt you. His bosses finally sawthe wood for the trees and suspended him, although he apologised and has beenforgiven. Will we be so magnanimous when poor Jeffrey is released? MD speed kings caught on film Managers are three times more likely to get caught speeding by roadsidecameras than their staff. A survey shows that over 16 per cent of senior managers have been nicked forspeeding in the past year, while only 6 per cent of other employees have. MDsand marketing directors were the worst offenders, with one in four of theformer getting caught. The people least likely to be pulled over are those in non-managerialtechnical roles. Guru wonders whether it is due to managers being keener to get to theoffice, or is it a symptom of the plush company car? As a 2CV driver (yes, they do still exist) Guru can only dream of being donefor speeding. Guru makes it on career fast track While we’re on the subject of fast cars, Guru had a terrible experience lastweek. He was driving along in his car, and the boss rang him up. She said, “You’ve been promoted.” Guru swerved. Then she rang up a second time and said, “You’ve been promotedagain.” The 2CV swerved right across the road. His boss rang up a third time and said, “You’ve been made managingdirector.” Guru crashed into a tree. A policeman approached the accident scene and said, “What happened toyou?” The reply, “I careered off the road.” Belgians compute as they commuteHere’s an idea for all you trainers out there. A Belgian firm has begunoffering commuters IT training on their way to and from work. The Brussels-based firm Xylos uses a van to pick up time-strapped office workersand provides IT training on the move as they are driven to work. They aretested on what they learned that morning on the return trip.The firm has already won some blue-chip clients, including several banks anda national newspaper. Guru knows plenty of journalists who would benefit from this service,although there would be a question mark over the amount of time saved with thevan having to detour via the pub on the way home. Previous Article Next Article GuruOn 18 Sep 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. last_img read more

in brief

first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Thismonth’s news in briefChild-breakscheme broke continuity of employmentAfour-year ‘child-break’ under the Marks & Spencer scheme broke continuityof employment. The Court of Appeal overturned an EAT ruling that continuity waspreserved. The scheme involved the employee resigning from work. In thesecircumstances, the employee was not absent from work “in circumstancessuch that she was regarded as continuing in employment”, despite aguarantee of re-employment at the end of the scheme. (Curr v Marks & Spencerplc, Court of Appeal)Disabilitydid not give automatic right to alternative employmentTheemployee was unable to perform her duties, due to disability. While alternativejobs were available at a higher grade, the employer’s policy was to open these upto competitive selection. The applicant applied unsuccessfully. The EAT agreedwith the tribunal that there was no failure to make reasonable adjustments.Such adjustments could include transfer to alternative work. The duty to makeadjustments only applies, however, if the employer’s arrangements put thedisabled person at a disadvantage compared with non-disabled employees. Thatwas not the case here – the competitive interview process applied to everyone.Further, there would have been justification, that is that the policy wasdesigned to recruit the best person for the job. (Archibald v Fife Council, EAT) in briefOn 1 Feb 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Commander of UK’s Maritime Reserve Forces Visits HMS Sherwood

first_img View post tag: News by topic Commander of UK’s Maritime Reserve Forces Visits HMS Sherwood View post tag: visits View post tag: Sherwood View post tag: Warship View post tag: Naval View post tag: Maritime Authorities View post tag: Commander The Commander of the UK’s Maritime Reserve Forces has made his first visit to HMS Sherwood in Nottingham to meet Royal Navy and Royal Marine Reservists based there.HMS Sherwood is the home of the Royal Navy in the East Midlands and the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) Unit for Reservists across the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and further afield.It is also home to the Nottingham Detachment of Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) Merseyside.Commodore Gareth Derrick, Royal Navy, attended the Unit’s Annual Review and Roll of Honour, where he presented medals and awards to Reservists in front of gathered civic dignitaries and Reservists employers and families.“I am very pleased to be at HMS Sherwood, this is my first visit to Nottingham and is long overdue, but it has been worth the wait. I have now visited all RNR and RMR Units,” said Commodore Derrick.“On behalf of the Navy Board I would like to thank you, and your families and employers, for your excellent support.“I can assure you that all of your efforts are appreciated by all senior members of the Royal Navy.”Commodore Derrick presented Chief Petty Officer Samantha Martin, 43, from Nottingham, with the Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire’s Certificate for Meritorious Service.The award is made in recognition of exceptional service by a volunteer and ranks in precedence just after Honours bestowed by Her Majesty the Queen in the New Year and Birthday Honours lists.“I was thrilled to have received this award – and it was fantastic to have been presented with it by Commodore Derrick,” said CPO Martin.“I just get on with my job and do it to the best of my ability, so to be honoured in this way is lovely.”Leading Seaman Derek Parsons, 44, from Ripley in Derbyshire, was awarded the Afghanistan Campaign Medal by Commodore Derrick following his mobilisation to Helmand Province this year.“I am really proud to have represented the Royal Naval Reserve in Afghanistan, so far from the sea, and to have helped the local Afghan people,” said LS Parsons.“To have been presented with my campaign medal by Commander Maritime Reserves was a real honour.”Commodore Derrick also presented the Volunteer Reserve Service Medal to Surgeon Commander Brendon McKeating, 54, from Nottingham, in recognition of his long and efficient service of proved capacity in the Reserve Forces.Cdr McKeating, who joined the RNR after serving in the Royal Navy, is a former Commanding Officer of HMS Sherwood and Head of the RNR Medical Branch.For the past eight years he has also been Chairman of the British Medical Association Armed Forces Committee.Awards were also made to members of HMS Sherwood’s Ship’s Company in recognition of their service and performance.Lieutenant Jeff West, 43, from Woore in Shropshire, was presented with the Gilbert Towle Sword;Able Seaman Jonathon Browne, 40, from Chesterfield, was presented with the Chief Radio Supervisor Hall TrophyAble Seaman Sarah Newby, 26, from Nottingham, was awarded the Commanding Officer’s Trophy.Commodore Derrick used his visit to HMS Sherwood to talk about how future changes to the Reserve Forces in the Government’s Future Reserve 2020 (FR20) Strategy will affect the Maritime Reserves.“We are committed to significantly expanding Reserve Forces and doing more with them,” said Commodore Derrick.“There will be more opportunities for high-quality training with the regulars and more opportunities to serve alongside them on exercises and operations, but we will protect the nature of Reserve Service.”During the evening six promotions that will come in to effect in 2013 were also announced and HMS Sherwood’s Commanding Officer, Commander Martin Clegg, thanked Reservists for their commitment and contribution during 2012.“This has been an exceptional year for HMS Sherwood with a number of our Reservists supporting the Windsor Armed Forces Muster and Thames River Pageant celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.“A large proportion of our Ship’s Company were also mobilised for Op Olympics – the security operation for the London Olympic Games,” said Cdr Clegg.“Meanwhile my Recruiting and Outreach team and Initial Naval Training staff have worked extremely hard to promote HMS Sherwood and the Royal Naval Reserve and to attract and train new Recruits.”Civic dignitaries who attended HMS Sherwood’s 2012 Review of the Year and Unit Roll of Honour were:Councillor Pepper, Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council and Mr Pepper (Consort); Councillor Cutts, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council;Brigadier (Retired) Gregory, Corporate Director for Environment & Resources, Nottinghamshire County Council;Councillor and Mrs Buschman, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress, Rushcliffe Borough Council;Councillor Campbell, Chairman, Bassetlaw District Council;Councillor and Mr Handley, Mayor and Consort, Broxtowe Borough Council;Councillor and Mr Barnes, Mayor and Escort, Gedling Borough Council.[mappress]Naval Today Staff, December 20, 2012; Image: Royal Navy View post tag: Defencecenter_img View post tag: forces Back to overview,Home naval-today Commander of UK’s Maritime Reserve Forces Visits HMS Sherwood View post tag: Reserve View post tag: HMS Share this article View post tag: Defense View post tag: Navy December 20, 2012 View post tag: UK’slast_img read more

Competition launched for young entrepreneurs

first_imgAN ANNUAL competition for potential Oxford entrepreneurs relaunched on Tuesday, offering a substantial cash prize that could total millions of pounds.Last year’s winners of Oxford Entrepreneurs’ ‘Idea Idol’ competition were given a blank cheque and offered access to millions of pounds of private funding after impressing a group of venture capitalists.Sheena Amin, a St Peter’s second-year running the event, said she hoped the competition would encourage students to develop original business ideas.“The competition is a way to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among its members, and the idea behind it is to encourage people to think of creative ideas which they can then transform into a viable business. We want to make it as accessible as possible for undergraduates, too, as last year it was hard for them to compete with MBAs who already had a lot of business experience,” Amin said.Over 200 applicants entered the 2006 competition, which promises substantial financial backing and professional business mentoring for the group with the most innovative idea.Entrants have to write a 100-word summary of their idea, with the top 25 shortlisted for consideration. The second round involves writing a detailed business model before the final eight face a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style panel of successful entrepreneurs.The commencement of this year’s competition was marked by a drinks party last Tuesday and an official launch at the Said Business School. Guest speakers included BBC2 ‘Dragons’ Den’ winner Imran Hakim and Nick Jenkins, founder of stationery company ‘Moonpig’.Last year’s winning team included Christ Church DPhil student Tom Whitfield, whose team impressed judges with their plan to sell online time capsules through the website  Whitfield said, “We won ‘Idea Idol’ in February…I think it’s really great to have a platform to encourage students to become entrepreneurs. You have the opportunity to work with a really smart team and the overall set-up is a trendy yet cutting-edge environment.”last_img read more

Christ Church JCR candidate steps down after George Floyd comments, college responds

first_img“The individual who made the remark has made the right decision to withdraw their candidacy for a position on the JCR Committee. They are apologetic and it is clear to me deeply regret the hurt and anguish caused, and did not foresee it.” The JCR president released a statement: “Being a member of the JCR is to commit oneself to engage with others, to live in a community, and above all to respect one another. These basic standards were violated. The injustices of American society, that travesty of American police brutality, were trivialised for the sake of a cheap and repugnant joke.”  “We must recognise that such insensitivity and lack of compassion cannot be treated with indifference. We must learn to live with one another. We must be understanding, and we must be kind.” “Flour shortage leads to rioting, which leads to death, which leads to racism. And racism, leads to death, leads to rioting, and that leads to flour shortage. Really, it is just a massive positive feedback loop. While I cannot address the consequences of flour shortage, I can at least cut at the root of all evil, by continuing the legacy of cake distribution.” In their opening speech, the candidate said: “The US is facing two very important crises at the moment – the curious incident of George Floyd, and the event of flour shortage. I would like to put forward the motion that these incidents are not two, but rather one.” Onovo says she was unable to respond as she was placed on mute, and was unable to ask followup questions. She also claims the candidate “giggled” when asked the question. The motion calls the events “disgraceful” and adds that “responsibility was on [the Returning Officer] to condemn this remark as soon as it was said”. A statement made by Christ Church says: “Christ Church condemns the deeply offensive remarks that were made during the recent JCR Hustings, which appeared to make light of the appalling death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We are taking the incident extremely seriously and have investigated what took place.”  In response, JCR member Melanie Onovo asked the candidate to clarify what they meant by this comment. In hustings held via Zoom on Sunday, the candidate for “Cake Rep” claimed that “Flour shortage leads to rioting, which leads to death” to explain anti-racism protests. Following backlash from students, they withdrew from the election on Monday. Christ Church did not respond publicly until Thursday, when they posted a statement on their website condemning the speech. Students have since created a template JCR motion to be presented to colleges. It states: “I call upon my JCR to table a motion condemning the handling of these hustings by the Christ Church JCR and call for the resignation of the Returning Officer and an apology from the Christ Church JCR. During the hustings, the Returning Officer said: “I have a few messages of people wanting to make a message or point or statement at the end of the meeting – in my opinion, it is not appropriate, so if you would like to do, please do so through the JCR page or Facebook. I don’t think it is appropriate to use hustings to make political points – we would be here a very long time otherwise.” “We have been deeply impressed by those who spoke up during the meeting, and for their honesty and openness in discussions afterwards, as well as by the students who have contacted us individually to share their concerns. From the ongoing conversations we have had, there can be no doubt that our students and the wider Christ Church community take a very clear stance against racism and were dismayed to hear about this incident. We will continue to work closely with all our students to ensure that Christ Church provides a welcoming and supportive home for everyone. We expect all members of our community to adhere to our Equality policy and will be dealing with violations of this policy through our established procedures.”  “I spoke at the end of the Hustings to ensure that the incident did not go unaddressed. In future, the provisions of our standing orders will be reviewed to ensure that unacceptable and offensive remarks are immediately addressed, in the instance in which they happen, and addressed for what they are. We are thankful that this incident has given us the opportunity to learn and improve.” The candidate responded: “Well, what I am trying to say is that it is a positive feedback loop. Where flour shortage leads to rioting, which leads to death, and that leads to racism, and racism leads to death, which leads to rioting, which leads to flour shortage. We cannot stop the consequences of the evil of racism. We can however symbolically support the victims by cutting out the root of all evil, as I said before.” A Christ Church JCR candidate has linked the protests after the death of George Floyd with “flour shortage”, in JCR minutes seen by Cherwell. “A successful motion in each JCR would show this and thus help provide a semblance of reassurance to the brave individual who spoke up, as well as others affected, about our student body at Oxford as a whole.” Prior to the meeting, the JCR passed a motion donating £720 to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and associated charities. The other candidates for “Cake Rep” declined to comment, with one saying it was “too soon”. Onovo told Cherwell: “I was left on mute and unable to respond. Even the pleas of members of the JCR through messages were ignored.” The College’s Censors said: “We completely support the frank words of the JCR President, who has kept us fully informed about the incident that took place during the recent Hustings held on Zoom. Christ Church is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all, whatever their background, or the colour of their skin. Racism, in any form, cannot and will not be tolerated and it is completely unacceptable if any student felt uncomfortable, let alone distressed, at this meeting.” “Although an anti-bias session is already a compulsory element of our induction programme, it has become evident that this is not enough. We will therefore work with students to ensure that not only freshers, but the entire community, continues to confront the very real impact of racial bias and all forms of discrimination. To that end, we will be taking concrete steps to introduce new and ongoing initiatives to combat prejudice and to give everyone—students and staff—the tools to stand up for the values of tolerance and equality that Christ Church embraces today. We all have much to learn, but we are committed to fostering a culture of mutual respect both at Christ Church and in the wider world.” They went on to explain how they were qualified to be the “Christ Church protector of evil.” Image credit to Toby Ord/ Wikimedia Commons.last_img read more

GOP Chairman Wayne Parke Calls For MusgraveTo Resign?

first_img Yesterday afternoon we learned that Vanderburgh County GOP party Chairman Wayne Parke demanded that County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave resign her position.In an e-mail statement he sent to Commissioner Musgrave Mr. Parke stated “that he doesn’t believe that Commissioner Musgrave isn’t performing her County Commissioner responsibilities in the best interest of the Vanderburgh County citizens”  He also stated that ” Vanderburgh County needs people in office that unite-not a divider who has their own personal agenda.”Parke concluded that in his own judgement that Mrs. Musgrave “has lost her credibility and trustworthiness to effectively serve as a County Commissioner.”This is a developing story.FOOTNOTE: We just posted ‘Readers Poll” question:: Do you feel that County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave should heed GOP Chairman Wayne Parke call for her to resign? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Ocean City Hockey Team Blanks Mainland

first_imgBy LESLEY GRAHAMThe Ocean City High School field hockey team had an offensive explosion Friday afternoon to defeat the visiting Mustangs of Mainland 8-0.Seven different Red Raiders contributed points, making it a total team effort in the shutout. The Red Raiders improved to 13-5 on the season, while Mainland dropped to 8-9.Junior Nya Gilchrist had three goals and one assist on the afternoon, while teammate Molly Reardon had one goal and three assists.Rounding out the scoring was Chloe Prettyman with two goals and Olivia Vanesko and Bridget O’Kane each with one. Sophia Ruh and Morgan DeCosta each chipped in an assist.Morgan DeCosta (7) and Andi Helphenstine (20) use a double team to get the ball back.It didn’t take the Red Raiders long to find the back of the goal, with Nya Gilchrist getting the tip in on a pass from Molly Reardon with just under 17 minutes remaining in the first half.It quickly became the Ocean City show as the Red Raiders rattled off three more goals before the half ended. They grabbed a four-goal lead and all the momentum going into half time.As the second half got underway, it was more of the offensive show Ocean City displayed in the first half. Olivia Vanesko powered one past the goal off the back post to extend Ocean City’s lead to 5-0, quickly followed by the sixth goal from Chloe Prettyman.Molly Reardon used evasive stick work to move the ball into the offensive circle when she powered a shot in on goal to teammate Nya Gilchrist, who finished up with the score.Mainland had an opportunity to end the shutout and score as the minutes were waning in the second half, but a great heads-up defensive play by Morgan DeCosta kept the Mustangs off the scoreboard.Senior Ava Mumman battles a Mainland Mustang for possession.Ocean City Head Coach Kelsey Mitchell was excited to see her team get back out on the field after an extended break from games.“We hadn’t played since last Friday. They were excited to play an opponent other than themselves,” Mitchell said.The Red Raiders will conclude their regular season Monday with a home game against Bishop Eustace. They will then look ahead to the South Jersey Group III Tournament, where they are the No. 2 seed and will await the winner of the Absegami-Winslow game.When asked about post-season predictions, Mitchell said, “It’s a brand new season. What happens in the regular season doesn’t work for us or against us. It’s time to set new goals and hold ourselves accountable to work hard every day.”Molly Reardon evades the Mustang defenders. Nya Gilchrist, center, who led Ocean City with three goals, eyes up a shot on net.last_img read more

Inside the red briefcase

first_imgGordon Brown’s 10th and possibly final Budget contained some nasty surprises together with some sweeteners for businesses of all sizes. How the Budget affects small firmsCorporation tax ratesThe u-turn on the 0% corporation tax rate on profits of less than £10,000, announced in the pre-budget report in December 2005, was confirmed. For small companies with taxable profits of less than £300,000 the rate of tax will be 19%. For companies with profits above £1.5m the full rate of 30% will be payable. Marginal relief is given to smooth the transition from one rate to another. First year allowancesThe rate of first year allowances for expenditure by small businesses on qualifying plant and machinery will be increased to 50% for new expenditure incurred between April 6, 2006, and April 5, 2007. A small business is one that satisfies two of the following conditions: not more than £5.6m in turnover; not more than £2.8m in assets; not more than 50 employees. Self-assessment filing date changeMeasures were announced to move the deadline for income tax self-assessment returns to September 30, where returns are on paper, or November 30, where the returns are filed online. Currently, self-assessment tax returns must be filed by January 31 following the tax year. It is intended that these changes will be effective from 2008 and will be introduced on a phased basis. By 2012 it is expected that all income tax self-assessment returns will be filed by these dates. In addition to this, computer-generated paper substitute returns currently used by accountants will no longer be accepted. For many businesses the change in these filing deadlines will increase pressures to prepare the necessary information in time. This is particularly true for sole traders and partners who have to prepare accounts.Venture capital schemesSome changes to Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) were announced in the Budget. The Chancellor announced that a new income tax relief for investors in Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) would be decreased to 30%. Previously the rate had been 40%. In addition, the minimum period for which investors must hold their shares will increase from three years to five years.Bigger changes were announced for EIS investments. The doubling of the income tax relief for the annual investment limit to £400,000 is a welcome increase. However, the change in the gross assets test will mean that less companies will be eligible for EIS relief. Under the current rules the gross asset of the company raising money under EIS must not exceed £15m immediately before the investment and £16m immediately after. These limits were reduced to £7m and £8m from April 6, 2006. TechnologyAnnouncements in connection with the current exemptions for computers and mobile phones came as a big surprise. The exemptions for computers have been around since 1999 and the government has actively encouraged Home Computer Initiative (HCI) schemes which rely on this exemption.Under current rules, no taxable charge arises where an employee is provided with computer equipment with a value of up to £2,500. This is on the basis that there is no transfer of ownership in the property and the scheme is available to all employees. Without the exemption, the employee would be subject to a benefit in kind on 20% of the value of the assets, ie £500. The removal of the exemption will affect businesses that were considering the introduction of these schemes. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has confirmed that where existing schemes are in place a benefit-in-kind charge will not arise. Mobile phones were also under attack and limits placed on the exemption. The new measures, which were introduced on April 6, 2006, will mean that only one tax-free mobile phone is available per employee. Thresholds and ratesThe VAT registration threshold was increased to £61,000 from April 1, 2006, and the de-registration threshold up to £59,000.The turnover limit for using the annual accounting scheme has been increased to £1.35m per year from April 1, 2006.How the Budget affects large firmsResearch & developmentThe government is extending the employee limits for a company to qualify as a small- to medium-sized enterprise, which will give these companies the ability to claim cash back from HMRC for R&D investment. The limit relating to company employees has been doubled from 250 to 500 employees. Companies that employ between 250 and 500 employees will be able to benefit by claiming a tax credit; previously they would only have been able to claim an additional deduction for the qualifying costs. These companies will now be able to surrender any losses for cash back at a rate of 24% of the underlying R&D investment. The time limit for making this claim will be two years from the end of the accounting period.Stamp duty reconstruction reliefStamp duty is broadly restricted to the transfer of shares. Currently, certain exemptions are available for companies carrying out reorganisation. Due to the strict conditions of these reliefs a slight change in shareholdings could result in stamp duty becoming payable. The provisions announced confirm that relief will not be denied, if the proportion of shares in the new entity has to change slightly for practical reasons. Stamp duty land tax (SDLT): withdrawal of unit trust seeding reliefThe Chancellor announced that SDLT relief for seeding unit trusts with property ended from 2pm on March 22, 2006. This move will prevent the relief contained within Section 64A Finance Act 2003 from being used to avoid SDLT on certain high-value commercial property transactions.This was not an entirely unexpected move by the Chancellor and it is, in some ways, surprising that HMRC did not move earlier in order to prevent the relief from being used in this way. The Treasury will have been aware, even before the introduction of the SDLT disclosure provisions, that literally billions of pounds of UK real estate interests were being transferred to offshore unit trusts in order to avoid a potential SDLT charge to purchasers on the acquisition of their interests. Employment-related securitiesThe attack on tax avoidance schemes using employment-related securities and options is continuing. Where an option is granted as part of a tax avoidance scheme, it will be taxed as though it was a convertible security. This means there will be an income tax charge on the grant of the option as well as on its exercise. The tax charge arising on the grant is calculated by taking the value of the option on the grant, ignoring any resting period and performance conditions. It is possible that the tax charge on the grant may be more than the value of the shares! The employee is taxed again when the option is exercised, but as though he had converted one security into another. Where the underlying shares are readily convertible, assets tax and national insurance contributions will also be due.A second provision strengthens the penalty regime on the operation of PAYE on employment-related securities and options. Where retrospective legislation has been enacted the employer must operate PAYE on the date that the retrospective legislation becomes law. Also, the employer must collect tax from the employee within 90 days of the enactment of the legislation. Failure to do so could result in the employee facing further tax as the unpaid amounts are treated as employment income. Paula Tallon is director and head of direct tax at Chiltern, email: [email protected] Fulcher, president of the National Association of Master Bakers, runs Lilleys Bakery, which has three shops in Essex. He was not impressed by the Budget. “The Chancellor hasn’t done much for anyone, unless they have children, and I’m quite surprised that he’s done nothing for OAPs.” Mr Fulcher added: “He’s put the threshold of inheritance tax up – I’d like to see that abolished entirely. People work hard and when businesses get passed down to children, shops have to be sold to pay the tax. That doesn’t seem right.” In terms of investment, Mr Fulcher said: “I don’t know of any business that has money kicking around for investment, so the changes the Chancellor has made won’t help. It seems that Mr Brown wants to become Prime Minister and so has tried not to offend anyone.”last_img read more

Indianapolis hopeful for NCAA basketball action in upcoming season

first_img Twitter Google+ IndianaLocalNewsSports By Network Indiana – September 23, 2020 0 264 Google+ Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp Pinterest WhatsApp Twitter Indianapolis hopeful for NCAA basketball action in upcoming season Previous articleMore options for bottle, can deposits begin next month in MichiganNext articleGale Sayers passes away at 77 Network Indiana Facebook By Batistaya (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons The Indiana Sports Corp. has proposed a plan to host a college basketball bubble at the Indiana Convention Center, should that be the route any college basketball teams, conferences, or even the entire NCAA would want to take for the upcoming season.The NCAA has given its blessing for the college basketball season to start Nov. 25, but like with college football, it’s up to the conferences and schools on if they want to play.Ryan Vaughn, President of the Indiana Sports Corp., tells WISH-TV they have a plan to host a similar bubble like the NBA bubble in Orlando at the Convention Center.“It’s the perfect place for a bubble type of operation or a controlled environment,” Vaughn said. “As with everything during this pandemic all options are on the table.”About 4,700 hotel rooms are connected to the Convention Center and the whole facility is able to comfortably hold around 20 basketball courts.Vaughn hopes that having this plan in place now, though there are currently no takers, will give college basketball teams and conference peace of mind as they consider whether or not they will play this season.“You never need to leave,” Vaughn said. “We’ve got all your food. We’ll take care of the medical. You’ve got a place to practice. You’ve got a place to play, all within a very secured environment.”He said they would be ready to host a 38-day stretch of games once the season starts on Nov. 25. It would also cost each school $90,000 to enter the bubble and the money would cover food, medical, and other basic needs of living in a bubble environment. That includes daily coronavirus testing.Vaughn said the Convention Center and the Sports Corp. are not looking to profit off the plan, rather to just break even and provide teams the option of having a safe season.As far as hosting the Final Four this year as planned, Vaughn says discussions with the NCAA are going on as if the event will happen like every other year.last_img read more

John Mayer Dusts Off Three Originals For Australia Closer [Photos]

first_imgPhoto: Carol Spagnuola John Mayer wrapped up the Australian portion of his world tour at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia on Friday night–delivering three sets of originals and a fan-favorite cover of Tom Petty‘s “Free Fallin’”. The show was divided into three sets: one full band set, an acoustic portion, and a third full band set, plus an encore.The first set was highlighted by the return of two originals that had been on the shelf since 2017, “Half of My Heart” and “In Repair”, as well his 2018 single, “New Light“. Then, Mayer stripped down for the solo acoustic portion of the evening, delivering heartfelt versions of “Emoji of a Wave”, another rarity “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967”, which also had not been played since 2017, “Your Body Is A Wonderland”, and “Free Fallin’”. The full band returned for the third set, and a candid Mayer attempted to take a fan request of “Come Back To Bed” but forgot how to play it. The band went on to perform “If I Ever Get Around To Living”, followed by his newest single, “I Guess I Just Feel Like” and “Dear Marie” to close the show. For the encore, the band re-emerged for “Vultures” and “Gravity”.John Mayer continues his world tour on Monday in Singapore. Head to his official website for a full list of tour dates.Live For Live Music photographer Carol Spagnuola was there to capture the magic in Sydney on Friday night, which you can see in the photo gallery below.Setlist: John Mayer | Qudos Bank Arena | Sydney, Australia | 3/29/19I: Belief, Moving On And Getting Over, Love on the Weekend, I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You), Waitin’ on the Day, Who Says, Half of My Heart, Changing, Waiting on the World To Change, New Light, In RepairII Acoustic: Emoji Of A Wave, Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967, Your Body Is A Wonderland, Free Fallin’III: In The Blood, Edge of Desire, Paper Doll, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Why Georgia, If I Ever Get Around To Living, I Guess I Just Feel Like, Dear MarieE: Vultures, Gravity Load remaining imageslast_img read more