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Mom dials 911 screaming her daughter’s trapped in tree, surrounded by alligators

first_imgiStock/Thinkstock(ORLANDO) — A Florida mom made a frantic cry for help while on a call with a 911 dispatcher because her teen daughter was trapped in a tree for a half an hour with hissing alligators below.“My daughter’s stuck in a frickin’ tree and there’s gators surrounding her,” the mom said on the phone call to 911. “We can’t get her out.”The close encounter with the alligators occurred at around 3 p.m. on Friday along Forest Service Road near Alexander Springs in Altoona, according to a Lake County Sheriff’s Office report.The teen’s mom told the dispatcher that her daughter “got into the tree to get out of the water” and had been clinging to its branches for dear life for several minutes.“Oh my god, please hurry. Hurry, hurry,” the mom told the dispatcher. “Oh, my god, my daughter is going to be [sic] dead.”When Deputy Mitch Blackmon arrived at the tree with a rope swing in a popular swimming area, he wrote in the report that the teen appeared physically tired from keeping herself in the tree, adding that “the alligator was approximately 4 feet from me, 3 feet from the base of the tree.”Blackmon reported that at least one of the alligators, measuring about “10 to 11 feet” was unfazed by his arrival.“My presence failed to scare the alligator away and it began encroaching on my area,” Blackmon wrote in the report.He then stated he aimed his Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, fired one deadly .223 round “killing the alligator,” according to the report.A local marine biologist was summoned to evaluate the cause of death, the report stated.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Teen walking dog hears cries for help from kidnapped man locked in car trunk

first_imgWABC(IRVINGTON, N.J.) — On Thursday morning, 17-year-old Kayla Rose was walking her dog around her neighborhood in Irvington, New Jersey, on Thursday morning when she heard someone crying for help.The muffled sounds were coming from the trunk of a car parked on the street.“I heard knocking and scratching on the trunk of the car, and I just backed up because I was scared,” Rose told WABC in a recent interview. “And then I heard it again. And then I said, ‘Hello.’ And he was like, ‘Hello, can anybody help me?’”Rose ran inside her house to tell her mother what she heard. She also alerted neighbors who came out to help and called 911.“I got a crowbar and tried to pop the trunk, but it just bent the metal,” neighbor Joe Bollaro told WABC. “The cops were coming, so I didn’t want to, I said, ‘They’re coming. Hold on.’ I said, ‘Can you breath?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’”Police arrived on scene and opened the locked trunk. The man inside was then transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, according to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.“He was shaken up, he was beat up,” Rose’s mother, Marie Banks, told WABC. “I guess he was very happy, thankful for my daughter that she found him.”After a preliminary investigation, police learned the man had been carjacked, kidnapped and robbed the previous night in Hillside, about 3 miles south of Irvington.Two gun-wielding suspects took the victim to local banks in the area and ordered him to withdraw sums of cash, then drove to Irvington, where they left him locked in the trunk of the car, according to the prosecutor’s office.The suspects remain at large, and the investigation into the alleged incident is ongoing. The Union County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and indictment in the case.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Position Descriptions of Christmas Past

first_img Previous Article Next Article Position Descriptions of Christmas PastShared from missc on 19 Dec 2014 in Personnel Today Are the multi-skilled, or the specialists among us, more future-proof & better equipped for organisational evolution?I believe there are two trains of thought on this. These days with organisations advocating agile or iterative processes, we have witnessed a shift in not just how we meet deadlines and time restraints but in our professional mentalities. Everything is quicker, processes more streamlined and we are always looking for ways to create new efficiencies as we all deal with ever changing goalposts on a day to day basis. With this we of course become more than just what our defined position descriptions would have meant 5 to 10 years ago and instead we must be broader skilled, dynamic, out-of-the-box problem solvers who have to turn our hands daily to tasks which historically wouldn’t have been ours.On the other hand, we have a growing trend of positions being broken up into several roles where in the past they may all have been taken care of by one position. An example of this could be the role of an internal recruiter. In years gone by, a recruiter would be responsible for the end to end process of finding candidates for any given role – engaging them, appropriately screening them, interviewing them, coordinating interviews with relevant hiring managers – and thereafter would also be responsible for “closing” or hiring. However these days, a large number of recruitment roles are broken up more distinctly into sourcing, recruiting and account managing.There is merit in both methods but I will be interested to see moving forward whether it is the specialist or the broader-skilled that demonstrates more staying power. Related posts:No related photos.center_img Comments are closed. Read full article last_img read more

Individual quality and reproductive performance in the Grey-headed Albatross Diomedea chrysostoma

first_imgThe reproductive performances of Grey-headed Albatrosses Diomedea chrysostoma with a previous record (≤5 years) of consistent success (≤70% chicks fledged from eggs laid—“top” birds) or failure (≤ 70% of attempts failed—“bottom” birds) were compared during 1993 -1995. In 1995, top birds arrived back at the colony significantly earlier, had significantly shorter first and second incubation shifts and hatched larger chicks which grew significantly faster than bottom birds. In 1994, top birds also had larger hatchlings with higher rates of growth than bottom birds. In 1994, top birds had significantly higher hatching, fledging and therefore overall breeding success than bottom birds; very similar trends were evident in 1993 and 1995. Chick-rearing success and all indices of chick growth suggested that food availability was high in 1995 (and 1993) and low in 1994. Therefore the superior performance of top birds was maintained in years of very different conditions, with the chick-rearing period particularly critical. A simple model (using published demographic parameters for Grey-headed Albatrosses on South Georgia) suggests that top birds would produce 2.5 more chicks over their lifetime than bottom birds. With the currently declining population numbers, the relative contribution of top birds to the next generation may be even greater than thislast_img read more

OCPD Weekly Activity Report: October 22-28

first_imgOcean City Public Safety Building  Calls for Service: 587  Daily Average: 84October 22, 2017: SundayCalls for service: 71Stops: 39  Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 13  Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 6 Fire and 4 EMS callsDomestic violence, 900 block Simpson Ave., at 7:00amWarrant, 800 block West Ave., one in custody, at 10:07amFraud, 5400 block Simpson Ave., at 12:27pmTrespassing, 1400 block Central Ave., one in custody, at 2:54pmOctober 23, 2017: MondayCalls for service: 97Stops: 21 Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 44  Alarms: 4The Police Department assisted with 10 Fire and 6 EMS callsvehicle accident, 34th St. & West Ave., at 2:59pmWarrant, 900 block West Ave., one in custody, at 10:10pmOctober 24, 2017: TuesdayCalls for service: 116Stops: 29  Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 57 Alarms: 4The Police Department assisted with 9 fire and 7 EMS callsWarrant, 3300 block West Ave., one in custody, at 11:54amWarrant, 1500 block West Ave., one in custody, at 5:07pmOctober 25, 2017: WednesdayCalls for service: 64Stops: 24  Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 16 Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 3 fire and 3 EMS callsOctober 26, 2017: ThursdayCalls for service: 85Stops: 38  Accidents: 1  Property Checks: 20 Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 5 fire and 5 EMS callsWarrant, 800 block Ocean Ave., one in custody, at 8:37amvehicle accident, 9th St. & Asbury Ave., at 10:01amFight, 1700 block Simpson Ave., at 2:16pmOctober 27, 2017: FridayCalls for service: 83Stops: 33  Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 21  Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 3 fire and 5 EMS callsCDS, 500 block West Ave., two in custody, at 10:55amDomestic violence, 900 block Wesley Ave., at 10:08pmOctober 28, 2017: SaturdayCalls for service: 67Stops: 22 Accidents: 0  Property Checks: 20  Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 7 Fire and 7 EMS callsWarrant, 800 block Brighton Pl., one in custody, at 9:07amDomestic violence, 1000 block Asbury Ave., at 11:00amDomestic violence, 900 block Wesley Ave., at 4:29pm PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS:Just a reminder that it is a violation of a City Ordinance to have dogs on the boardwalk anytime during the year.Bicycle riders must obey all motor vehicle laws similar to that of a vehicle. They must stop at stop signs, traffic lights and ride with the flow of traffic.       Bicycle riders are not pedestrians and do not have the same right of way as a pedestrian when crossing the street at an intersection.When traveling on Route 52, remember that New Jersey State Law requires vehicles to KEEP RIGHT and pass left. The speed limit is 45 mph for the causeway.This week is Halloween, please drive carefully and be alert for pedestrians.last_img read more

Ocean City Boy Scout Troop 32 Holds Holiday Bake Sale

first_imgOcean’s City’s Boy Scout Troop 32 will hold a one-day holiday bake sale on Sunday, Dec. 16, between 8 a.m. and noon after all services at St. Peter’s Church, 501 East 8th Street.“This is our troop’s first ever holiday bake sale,” said Scoutmaster Dean Mitzel. “We intend to spread some seasonal cheer, as we raise funds for needed camping gear and supplies. The public is invited to help the youth of our community, while enjoying baked cookies, cakes and pies.” Members of Ocean City’s Boy Scout Troop 32 are looking to raise money for camping gear and supplies.last_img read more

What do Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon have in common?

first_imgAt Citrix Summit this week, Dell announced expansion of its hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with Dell EMC VxRail Appliance 4.0 Solution for Citrix XenDesktop. VxRail Appliances, including models based on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, have rapidly forged a leadership position in the exploding hyper-converged marketplace. VxRail configure-to-order hardware can address virtually any data center use case including those demanding GPU hardware (perfect for graphics intensive virtual desktops), dense storage and/or high performance computing options.With this announcement, customers can now select either Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon solutions on VxRail. The VxRail with VMware Horizon solution was made available in October, and is enjoying considerable success. Subsequently, Enterprise Strategy Group released a whitepaper discussing how Hyper-converged Infrastructure Shrinks Complexity and Cost for VDI.Since its February 2016 launch, Dell EMC VxRail has attracted customers in over 90 countries. Spanning multiple industries, customers keep choosing VxRail as an easy to deploy, cost effective hyper-converged solution that solves their data center challenges, simply and elegantly.Desktop virtualization was among the five most commonly-identified IT priorities in 2016, according to ESG research.1 However, the complexities of implementing a robust, scalable VDI solution have caused many organizations to suspend pilot programs or hesitate deploying VDI in production.Dell EMC VxRail removes complexities of standing up a new VDI solution, dramatically speeds time to deployment and reduces costs. With single-node scaling and storage capacity expansion, VxRail delivers a repeatable, simple and agile way to scale on demand as the number of users grow and requirements evolve.Here are some cool VxRail features that are important for either Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon:Available all-flash models handle peak performance requirements such as boot stormsApplication uptime, automation and policy management are ensured through high availability VMware vSANQuick and easy deployment configuration enables power-on to desktop deployment and management in minutes, and easy VM deployment and management thereafterLinear and granular scalability with as few as 80 to up to 550 virtual desktops per appliance, and single node scaling from three to 64 nodes that takes as little as five minutes per nodeVxRail can host virtual desktops from VMware, Citrix, and other VDI vendorsFor more information about achieving the promise of VDI with VxRail, read this solution brief.1 Source: ESG Research Report, 2016 IT Spending Intentions Survey, February 2016.last_img read more

Student art showcase exhibited at the Snite

first_imgCandidates for Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees have come together to display their art once again.The BFA and MFA thesis projects are currently on display at the Snite Museum of Art and will be until May 16.“This annual exhibition of culminating works by seniors and third-year graduate students in the Art, Art History and Design Department demonstrates a broad awareness of the themes and processes of contemporary art and is often provocative,” a Snite Museum press release said.The Efroymson Family Fund Emerging Artists Awards were given for the fourth consecutive year, the press release said.The winners of the awards were MFA students Christopher Andrews and Ryan Bantz and BFA students Shelley Kornatz and Takashi Yoshii.“The gallery showing means a lot,” Yoshii said. “We’re one of the only schools that allow us to actually display our designs in an actual art museum, and in a great art museum.”Yoshii’s project “Revolution” has been in design since last July. The project focuses on wheelchair design.“I went through a lot of research … talking to physical therapists, spending a day in a wheelchair, trying to cook in a wheelchair, and from there it’s the concept development,” Yoshii said.BFA student Andrew Pautler said he enjoys Yoshii’s work.“My favorite project is probably Takashi Yoshii’s project,” Pautler said. “He thought of a totally new way to think about the wheelchair and designed one that could really help handicapped people add ease and functionality to their daily lives. The rendering of the final wheelchair is crazy awesome.”Pautler’s BFA project, titled “New City Catholic Church,” is also featured in the Snite.“I knew I wanted to do something related to the Catholic Church,” Pautler said. “From my own experience and personal research over the past 12 months, I found that the Catholic Church in many ways is extremely outdated and is in fact dying in many ways.”His project creates a hypothetical Catholic parish that offers recommendations and resources for parishes around the country.BFA student Katherine Campbell said she is excited to have her artwork shown in the gallery.“It was quite surreal to see my thesis on the wall during the opening with so many people viewing it,” Campbell said. “It is a great honor both as a student and a designer. I will never forget the experience.”Campbell’s “Love & Dignity” is a digital print design for a stained glass window triptych, inspired by Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.”“Everyone did such a wonderful job and the entire exhibit looks amazing with our hard work displayed in the gallery,” Campbell said.BFA student Matthew Degnan began his “Rex,” a large-scale sculpture robot, last fall.“I began construction when I came back to campus on January 5,” Degnan said. “I finished the skeleton by mid-February and spent the last month sheeting the work in plastic, painting it and adding decals.”Through their theses, many of the students looked forward to future career plans.“Working on a large-scale work has motivated me to hopefully pursue a career as a scenic designer,” Degnan said.last_img read more

The 2014 Tony Award Nominations by the Numbers

first_img Two Canadian actors have been nominated for 2014 Tony Awards: Les Miserables star Ramin Karimloo (who was born in Iran but raised in Canada) and Bullets Over Broadway’s Nick Cordero. Mark Rylance got two acting nominations this season, for repertory productions of Twelfth Night and Richard III. He joins previous double acting nominees Amanda Plummer, Dana Ivey, Kate Burton and Jan Maxwell in the history books. But wait, there’s more! McDonald is also the fifth person in history to have been nominated in all four performance categories—she’s in good company with Raul Esparza, Boyd Gaines, Jan Maxwell and Angela Lansbury. Hallelujah, Lady Day star Audra McDonald has now officially been nominated for eight Tony Awards! (Julie Harris is still the record holder for the most nominations, with 10.) Three Tony-nominated revivals are on the Great White Way for the first time: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Cripple of Inishmaan and Violet. The Velocity of Autumn star Estelle Parsons, 86, is the oldest acting nominee of the season. Woohoo! A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder scored 10 nominations, the most of any show this year. Wait, three stars from Twelfth Night are nominated in the Best Featured Actor in a Play category?! This has never happened before! (Only for musicals Big River, The Producers and Kiss Me Kate.) Congratulations to all of the 2014 Tony nominees! Six Tony-nominated men wore dresses during their performances: Neil Patrick Harris, Reed Birney, Samuel Barnett, Paul Chahidi, Mark Rylance and Jefferson Mays. Let’s be honest—theater people suck at math, so Tony nomination day is the only time you’ll ever catch us crunching numbers. Armed with a giant stack of statistics books and a calculator, we got to work figuring out which nominees will make history, which Tony-nominated men got glam, which Tony-winning actors have a chance to win big again this year and more. Check out’s Tony Award nominations by the numbers! Nine Tony-winning actors have a chance to win again this year: Mark Rylance, Tyne Daly, Cherry Jones, Audra McDonald, Adriane Lenox, Jefferson Mays, Sutton Foster, Idina Menzel and Anika Noni Rose. There are 21 first-time acting nominees, including celebs Bryan Cranston, Neil Patrick Harris, Chris O’Dowd and Sophie Okonedo. Five British actors were nominated: Samuel Barnett, Mark Rylance, Paul Chahidi, Stephen Fry and Sophie Okonedo. Two Irish actors also received nods: Of Mice and Men star Chris O’Dowd and The Cripple of Inishmaan’s Sarah Greene. The Glass Menagerie has been nominated for seven Tony Awards—believe it or not, it’s the first time the acclaimed play by Tennessee Williams has ever received any nods! Two actors who were nominated in 2013 are returning to the race again: Cabaret star Danny Burstein and Act One headliner Tony Shalhoub. View Commentslast_img read more

Daily Dirt: April 16, 2013

first_imgHere is your daily outdoor news bulletin for April 16, the day Dr. Robert Hoffman accidentally ingested LSD and launch a…wait, what was I talking about man?New IMBA Ride Center in VirginiaPocahontas State Park outside Richmond, Va. is being tapped to become an IMBA Ride Center, joining Harrisonburg as one of only 11 such destinations in the world. In the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Andy Thompson describes how a chance encounter at a fundraiser for the Richmond 2015 (the group bringing the World Cycling Championships to the city), lead to the idea of putting a Ride Center in Pocahontas. The plans call for a public/private partnership in raising funds, which IMBA estimates at up to $2 million total. One interesting aspect of the plan is the proposed section of trail designated for riders with disabilities, hand cycles, and adaptive-use bikes. Obviously, the completed project is a long way off – they are hoping for trail on the ground by spring 2015 – but it’s exciting bike times in the River City for sure.Bike Friendly Universities AnnouncedSpeaking of bikes, the League of American Bicyclists announced their list of Bicycle Friendly Universities, adding 14 new schools. The program now recognizes 58 institutions of higher learning in 30 states. Stanford University took the top billing as the only Platinum member of the list which takes into account programs, acces, and safety for bikes on campuses. Some Blue Ridge Schools made the cut including Georgia Tech, Lincoln Memorial University, University of Maryland, and Virginia Commonwealth receiving Silver status, and Clemson, Duke, Eastern Mennonite, Emory, George Mason, James Madison, NC State, Old Dominion, UNC-Greensboro, UNC-Wilmington, South Carolina and Virginia Tech all receiving Bronze status.Some of those schools are also on our Top Adventure Schools Tournament bracket, so don’t forget to take that into consideration when you vote.Eyeing the Southern SkyThings are not looking that great for rivers in the South. American Rivers Associate Director Ben Emanuel says as much in a post from the AR blog. Focusing mostly on the Chattahoochee, but citing all rivers in the Southeast, he says drought makes it even harder to navigate the sustainability management issues present in the region. The American Rivers list of the top ten Most Endangered Rivers comes out tomorrow.last_img read more